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Terrific Storms

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EIGnT LIVES LOST. Ltttle Rock, Arfc, June 22.- Word has just reached here from Clinton that a Mrs. Emerson and seven children, residing near that place, lost their Hves during the heavy storm last Saturday night Emerson, who is an old 6ettler in Van Buren County, was with his f amily when the storm was raging. Af ter an hour's rain the water gradually llooded hi house, and, fearing danger inside, he gath ered two of his chHdren in his arms and m ade f or the door to escape. As the door opened a huge log floateü in the entran ce and knocked the little ones from his arms. They feil at his feet into the swift current and were lost. He then took up two more, one in each arm, and succeeded in getting out safely, telling hia wtfe to follow with the others, but the mother, with two children in her arms and three clinging to her dress, was carried down with the Üood and drowned. The father and two children. the only ones left in a family of eleven, escaped with their Uves. The father, with two little ones, stood in water up to his waist clinging to a tree until daylight, when the water subsided. The bodies of the mother and seven children were found scattered over the place, whera they had been left by the flood. The home of Mr. Emerson is a total wreek, it Is said, and he is almost distracted with grief. The loss of live-stock from the flood and damage to property in the neighborhood was very great. FATAL CTCLONE. Albany, Mo., June 22. - At 2:30 p. m. Thursday this vlcinity was visited by two cyclones, or one in two prongs. It ptruck the frame residence of H. P. Wiilliams, three miles east of this city, and completely demolished it Mr. William's 9 - year - oíd son and hls mother - in - law, Mra Crispin, were ínstantly killed. Mrs. Williams was fatally iojured and three children were badly hurt The cy clone wiped out the little village of Lone Star, destroying the Btore-house and goods of A. C. Townsend, the Baptist church, school-house and many residences. Mr. Townsend, the postmaster, is thought to be fatally injured, as is aleo Mrs. George Stineman. Many other farm-houses and out-buildings were destroyed, and it is impossible to estímate the damages. At a citizens' meeting here Frlday eeveral hundred dolíais was raised and clothing for the Bufferers provided. SEVEEE STOBMS IN ILLINOIS. Decatujb, I1L, June 22.- A furious eleetrical storm with cyclone accompaniment vislted this city Thursday night The residences of F. A Smith, S. P. Moore, Charles Williams and C. M. Cook were strucliTjy lightning without fatal results, and the wind demolished fences and treea Uriah Bricker had two horees killed by lightning. Streams are swollen and bridges were washed away. Monticello, DL, June 22.- A very heavy storm Tisited this section of the State Thursday night. The rain feil in sheets and the streams are again overüowed. The Sangamon river has spread all over the bottom and hundreds of acres of farm lands are under water. Much corn isruined, while many fields are covered with weeds, the long-continued rain having prevented plowing. Conlsderable damage was done by the lightning and high wind. FLOODS IN FRANCE. Paris, June 22. - Disastrous flooda have occurred at the town of Bar-Le-Duc, in the Department of Meiuse. The town was paitly submerged and many houses were Bwept away. RUIN IN A CYCLONE. Havana, Cuba, June 25. - Incessant ralns during the last twenty-four hours were the heaviest ever known here. They caused all streams to rlse to twice their normal size and led to serlous inundations all over the western portion of Cuba. Beports regarding the damage done by the recent storm continue to come in. Batoclana, on the southern side, just oppostte Havana, was flooded. The principal streeta were inundated to a depth of three feet Telegraphic communication with Pina del Blo is still interrupted and serious fears are entertained for the safety of the inhabitants. A number of houses were blown down in the euburbs of Havana Four people were killed at El Tedards and two others at Cerro. It ia now thought over seventy people were killed during the cyclone. The loss tJ property and shipping can not at present be estimated, owing to interrupted telegraphic service.


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