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The Coming loiuri. It ia fancied by a grateful patrón that the uext cornet will appear in the form of a buge bottle, havirg "Ge lien Medical Discovery" inscribed upon it in bold cnaracters. Whether this conceit aDd high compliment will be veriöed, remains to be seen, but Dr. Pierce will continue to send forth thit wonderful vegetable compound, and potent eradioator of disease. It has no equal in medicinal health-gmng properties, for iraparting vigor and tone to the liver and kidneys, in pu-ifying the blood, and tbrough it cleaneing and renewing the whole system. For scrofulous humors, and coc8iiniption, or lung scrofula, io its early stage=, it h a positiveepecific. Druggists. ' VETERAN'S FRIEND. IKÍAcíies and Wf Pains Rheumatic, W Reuralgic Sciatic, jSW PROMPTLY íjAnd PERMANENTLY. lf AT DKUGGISTS AND DEALERS. THE CHARLES A. V0GELER CO.. Balllinof. Mi. SOMETHING NEW. The Patent 5A Clipper Fly Net has meshed bottoms which cannot tangle and lashes at the top which won't catch in the harness. 5A Lap Dusters UtLLffium!i: 5A Ironsides Sheet sktwstíjsS In SUble. 5A Clipper Fly Nets "Ssss? Eqnal to Lenther t Hll U Colt. 100 other styles of Sa Horse Sheets and Fly Ñets, at prices to suit everybody. For sale by all dealers. If you can't get them, write us. M5K tiORSt BLANKETS ARE THE STROKGEST. NONE GENUINE WITH OUT THE S'A LABEL Manufd by Wit. ATM ft Soms, l'bilada.. who raake thp famous Horse Brand Itnker Ulan kets THIRD You SnOuId rd the Chicago 9 Mimi Daily News bccausc it's an inden%LñjT Penení neivspaper. There are twn HfJIN I question.and The Daily News gi ves them both with equal fairness. A party organ magnines one sïdc and dwarfs the other. No sensible man wants o betrifled with in this fashion. The time has gone by when American W citizens expect to inherit their politicalopinions. They want tomake theirown - and to do this they want a paper to teil them the truth, regardless of their own personal preferences. If you are an honest man, independent and self-reliant in thought, read an honest and independent newspaper - read The Chicago Daily News. Remernber - lts circulation is 220,000 a day- over a million a week - and it costs by mail 25 ets. a month, four months 1.00, - one cettt a day.


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