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The first month of Summer is an interesting period to the retail buyer. Keep your eye on this column. It's newsy. Each week thiugs will appear that ere the mouth passes will likely make your dollars more valuable for the reading. Black China Silks, one of the daintiest, lightest and airiest of all the dress stuffs. Best French dye, warrented to wash and not change the celor, 22nches 75c 27 inches $1.00 Wliv our new Ladies' Waist Corsets should be worn. They are the most natural garmeut worn as a Corset. Ladies ever so frail can wear them with ease and comfort. They never break down like the ordianary Corset. They are endorsed by fhysiciars as being beneficial to health. Try one of the new waists and it will prove all oi the above reasons. We've hardly said a word of -white goods. What need? You know they're here, whatever fashion calis for, and the prices satisfactory. We have just opened big lots of French Nainsooks, India Linens, Victoria Lowns, Persian Lawns, Swiss Mulls, Figured Swiss and Plaid Nainsooks. Flouncings and all of the Hamburg jatnily beauty touched as you've never knoivn them. Summer Shawls at greatly reduced prices. We havn't a very large lot and at the prices made can't last long. Chale Kashmere 1.25, 1 40, 1.75, 2.00, $2.50. India Chuddas 2.50 to $5.00 Cream and Cardinal. All Algerine Shawls.Tinsel Stripe $5.00. Hand Embrcidered Cashmere Cream, 3.50 up. The Gingham and Sateen counters are a trysting place for bargains. The 30 cent Koechlin Sateens have not gone up, but they're going out, and so are the 1 2 Sateens. So are French Ginghams at 25c. So are the American Combination Ginghams at 15c. J he honor roll of dress goods bargains woüld be lacking without the Alabama Wool Challis at 5 cents. We have Flannel Blouses and Jerseys. In color, fit, ñnish-everytht'ng there's something to suit any lady in want of such a rig. We have Ladies Ribbed Vests at I2 cents each. We also have a very nice garment 25c, and an extraordinary nice Vest at 50c. We have a full line of Misses Vests' in long and short sleeves. We've hardly said a word about Spool Cotton in a year. Did you know that J. & P. Coats Spool Cotton was now sold for 4 cents per spool or 47 cents per dozen less a discount of 6 per cent in quantities of one dozen or more? You can buy it here at the above prices and when you come for it you will find White Cotton from No. 8 to 140, Black Cotton from No. 8 to 130, Colored Cotton in all of the desirable colors made from No. 40 to 60. BACH & ABEL. 26 South Main St. MONEY SAVED BY BUYING OF KRAUSE 10 Mills - - One Cent. 10 Cents Make ... One Dlme. 10 Dimes Hake ... One Dollar. Í0 Dollars Make - One Entele. 10 Mills wih buy a pair of Shoe Striugs at Krause's. 10 Cents will buy a Bottle Ladies' Polish at Krause's. 10 Dime3 will buy a pair of Ladies' Kid Snoes at Krause's. 1 Eagle will have a pair Cork Solé Shoes made at Krause's. 1-2 Eagle will buy a pair Cordervan Shoes at Krause's. 1-2 Eagle will buy a pair of French Kid Turned Shoes at Krause's. 1-4 Eagle will buy a pair Gents' Cali Shoes at Krause's. 1-4 Eagle will buy a pair Ladies' Dongola Flexible Solé Shoes at KRAUSE'S. ♦ Cali and see us before buying elsewhere. We know we can save you money. We keep only the best Goods. The largest Stock in the County. SAMUEL KRAÜSE, 48 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. M'ich. Mrs. Eüzabeth Cady StantOD is 74 years old.


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