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INTERESTING BARGAINS. THE NEXT TWO WEEKS SCHAMP _a.:n-:d -JÜLLEFS EVBRY ITEM A BARGAIN. 300 yards Surah Silks, in light and dark shades, worth 75c, your choice at 50c a yard. One lot Black Surah Silks at 50c a yard. One lot heavy rich "Eegetta" Black Dress Silks at 85c a yard. 385 yards Irish Point Embroidery, worth 60c to $1.25, the entire lot at 35c a yard. 75 pieces Torchom Laces at 10c a yd., worth 20c. 50 pieces handsome Persian Dress Trimmings, formerly sold at 50 and 75c, all at 25c a yard. 42 inch pure silk Chantilla Lace Flouncings at 75e, $1, $1.25 and $1.50 a yard. 40 doz. Ladies' Swiss Ribbed Vests ai 10e each. 18 doz. Ladies' Eibbed Lisie Vests, worth 50c, at 35c each. 15 doz. Ladies' very fine Gauze Vests, long and short sleeves, at 25c each. One lot Men's Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers at 29c each, worth 50c. One lot of Men's Night Shirts at 75c each. 10 doz. Summer Gauze Corsets at 50c each. Big drive in a 50c Corset for 39c. One case best 7c Light Prints at 5c per yard. One case Dress Lawns at 3Jc a yard. 50 pieces handsome lis;ht Dress Challies at 5c a yard. White Wash Goods. 10 pieces Checked Nainsooks at 6c and 8c per yard. 25 piecee very fine satin plaid and striped India Mulls at 10c a yd., worth 20c. 38 pieces plaim India Mulls at 8c, 10c and 12Jc. Closing out all Colored Parasols at cost. 100 Silk Umbrellas, with gold and silver handles, at $1.50 and $1.75 each. Big Bargains in Infants' Lace Caps. t Bw:;EC "■"; .„' '■' . H ErvAfT- " ■■■' MB WlXJ--' .-:, 'I ■B'; RUHi' VS 10 doz. Lace Caps at 18s each. 5 doz. Lace Caps at 25c each. 5 doz. Lace Caps at 35c each. 3 doz. Lace Caps at 50c each . 3 doz. Lace Caps at 75c each. Our prices on Lace Caps are just half price what other houses ask for the same goods. Ladies, don'tforget that we are eole agents for SMITH & ANGBLL'S FAST BLACK STOOKINGS. They will not fade, crook or stain the feet. Every pair warranted. Lace Curtains. The largest stock and lowest prices in Ann Arbor. 50 pair, 3 yards long, Nottingham Lace Curtains at $1 and $1.25 a pair. 35 pair, wide, 3i yards long, Lace Curtains, worth $3 a pair, daring this sale nly $2 a pair. 25 pair elegant Brussels and Swiss Lace Curtains at $6, $7 and $10 a pair. 5 pieces Nottingham Curtain Laces at 10c, 15c, 18c, 20c, 25c and 30c a yard. 25 doz. more Drapery Curtain Poles at the low price of 29c each, complete. Bargains at every counter and in every department during the next two weeks. We are always the cheapest. SCtllltitb & M I L Lt M


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