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ILoose's Bed ('lover Pile Bemedy, is a positive specifio for all forma of the disease. Blind, Bleeding, Itchine, Ulcerated, and Protruding Pile?. Price 50?. For sale by Eberbaoh & Son. A good meraory is a blessing, says a writer. And it may be remarked Chat it is one tbat wealth cannot buy. Just look at the man who becomes suddenly rich. He cannot remember the faces of nis old friends. I want to teil suffering hutnanity what was the matter with me. I broke out with rash, the most uncomfortable thing I ever had because it itolied so and I had to fan my hands to get ease. Tou oould not pee the veins on my hands there were go many pimples on them. I used one bottle Loose's Fluid Extract of Red Clover, and was completely cured. T. A. Smith, Eberbach & Son. Sr. C. & L. W. Ry., There are four sisters Montalba in England who have marked artigtie talent. One of them, Miss Iluda, exhibits a bust of Mr. Browning in the Royal academy. Xo Ottaer aR good. This is the statement of Prof. Smith, Analytical Chemist: I have aoalyzed all of the popular blood purifiers and medicines now sold. Many of them I found (o be worthless, some dangerous to use. Sulphur Bitters contains nothing poisonous, and I think it is the best blood purifier made. Miss Olive Schroiner, who is now a prominent figure in London literary oircles, lives in lodgings in the East End for the purpose of studying the characters she meets. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh'g Catorrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Iojector free. Suld by Eberbach & Son. A protest against female suffrage in England has appeared in the Nineteenth Century under the joint production of Mrg. Humphrey Ward and Miss Beatrice Potter. Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Bdlsam, for coughs and colds does, it is indeed wonderfal. He authorizes all druggists to gire those who cali for it, a sample bottle free, that they may try it before purchasing. The large bottles are 50c and $1. We certainly would advige s trial. It may save y ou from Consumption. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Care is the Retnedy for you. Sold by Eberbach & Son. V)O v.VrC.VCVV certaia in their resulta, aTe Acker's Dyspepsia Tableta. Kecommended by physicians and endorsed by all trho havo nsed them. The best remedy for Dyspepsia, Flatulency.and Contipation. Uuaranteed, and sold at 25c. by Jon Moobk, Druggist THAT HACKING COÜCH can be so qulckly cured by Shiloh'g Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by Eberbach DR. HU TH Wlll Vlsli Anti Arbor. Taesdny, Ang. Oih, 1889. At ArlliiKioii Home. DR. FRUTH, OF THE Provident Medical Dispensary, NEW YORK CITY, Ably asslsted by a f uil corps of competent physirians and eurgeons, treat3 with unparalleled success all Chronic Siseases and Distases of the Ege and Ear oí every nature upon the latest scientifio principies. He partlcularly invites all whose cases havo been neglected, badly treated or pronounced iacurable. Patients who are doing well under thocaroof their own physieians need not cail on us, as our province is to treat those who cannot find relief otherwise. Believing that seienceis tnfth and "truth ismighty and will prevail ' when known, and knowing that disease can be cured with positivo certainty, he invites the afllieted to cali aud receive advice iree and be cured of their diseases. Thero is uo subject that requires so much study a-id experienceas the treatmentand cui of chronic diseases. The astonishingsuceess and remarkabte cures performed by him is due to a thorough knowledge of the Btructure and functions oí the human system, and the cure of diseaje by natural remedies. Let those given up by others cali for examination. He has succeaslully treated tho following diseases sincehisarrival in this State: Eye and Ear diseases, Chronic Diarrhom, Chronic Inflammationof the Wcrmb, Chronic Inflammalion of the Bladder, Painful or Irregular Mcmtruation, Ferer Sores emd Ulcers, Incemtiiumct of Urine, Tape Worms, Crooked Limbsand Enlaraed Joints, Spinal Currature, Club Foot, Hip Joint Disease, White Swelllng, ÍHscharging Abeeesses, Sterüüy or Barrérmeos, Xerpousness and General Débiluy, Impotency, Disease of the ildneys and B'adder Leucorrhea or Whites, Btolches.Púnples, Skin Piscases, Dyspeptia Conslipalion, Zh-npsy, Cáncer, Eriileptic Fits, Èrysipclas, Gravel, Goitre, Gleet, Oanorrhoea, Hydrocele.llearrjXsease.Headache, PUes,Htstena,byphüis,St. VitiuiDance.ChrojiieDysentenj Enlarged Tonsils, Fístula in Ano, Hernia or Rupture Chwian Tumors, Paralusis, Prolapsus Uteri, Bronchitis, _ Asthma, Catarrh, Sa-of uta, Consumption, Chronic Cough, Female Weahtcss, Spermatorrhea Jiheiunaiism.iic. Allsurgical operations performed Free Examlnallon of the Urine. Kach person applying for treatmentshould brinc an ounce of their urine, whieh willreceiveacareJulchemical and microscópica! examination KtniarkaDIe Cures perfected in old cases whlci ihave been neglected or unskillfuily treated. No experimenta or failures. Parties treated by mail or express, but where possible Ií,ÍÍ-oÍLS3IlsiuUati.on Preferred. Curable cases b'u iteed. List of questions Iree. estern Address, DR. 1RÏTH, Xoletlo, O.


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