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Prices and Quality! Competition in trade forces prices to correspond with quality. No man can manufacture for one dollar what another and older manufacturer cannot produce for twice that amount. There are prices and prices, and qualities and qualities, and in every case they correspond. If you are about to buy an article, no matter whether it be a wash-tub or threshing machine, buy the best. Purchase an article made by a long established house with a known and pronounced reputation. The manufacturer who makes an article, asks what it is worth and maintains his price and constantly increases his sales, gives positive evidence of the standard quality of his Goods, and in these days of cheap (?) Goods and all kinds of prices. It is worth considerable to know what you are going to get before you spend your dollars. ' MESSRS. HAINES BROS.' PIANO MANUFACTURERS, (Established 1851) manage somehow to sell all the pianos they can make in two large faetones (The second completed Jan. lst, 1889) and get a reasonable price for them, while hundreds of other manufacturers and agents are trying to ''give away" their Goods and claiming they are " just as good." It seems strange HAINES BROS.' continue to keep going, but they have just completed their 33,000th piano and manage to make and sell about 75 per week. If you want to know more of these "CELEBRATED PIANOS" callón or write for circulars, prices, testimoniáis, etc., etc., to SQUARE MTJSIO DEALER, 38 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich., Agent Haines Bros' Ivers & Pond, Newby & Evans, and Kimball Pianos, Estey and Peerless Organs; Everything in the Music line.


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