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Comparative Worth Of Baking Powders

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ROY AL vAbsoiutoiy Pure).. HHHHBHHHDBHBflBBHHHH GRANT'S (Alum Powder) . ■■■■■■■■■■■■■B kümford'S, v.iien frc8ii..HHBliHHmHBBBBHB HANFORD'S, when frcsh... ■■■■■■■■■■■■Bi EEDHEAD'S ■■HnUBBEIBmmB CHARM (.Mum Powder) ... ■■■■■■■■■■■flH AMAZON (Alom Powdcr) # . ■■BHHBIHKHB (:LEYKLAND'8(Hhorut.oz.)BBHBBBHHHHHB PIONEER (Sao Francisco)... ■■DBBHÍ CZAR....:. ■■■■■■■■1 R. PRICE'S ■HHHB SNOW FLAKE (GrofE'e) ... ÜHBBB LEWIS' MDH PEARL (Andrews 4 Co.) !■■■■■■ HECEER'S ■■■■■ (ULLET'S 1HH ANDREW8&C0."RegarBB Müwauk8, (OosUini Aluna.) BULK (Powder sold loóse). . . . ■ RUMFORD'S, wliennotfresh ■ REPORTS OF GOVERNMENT CHEMISTS As to Purity andWholesomcness of the Boyal Baking Powder. " I have tested a package of Boyal Baking Powder, which I purehaSêd In the open market, and flnd It composed of pure and wholesome ingredlents. It is a creara of tartar powder oí a high degree of merit, and does not contaln either alum. or phoephates, or other injurious substances. E. G. LOVB, Ph,D." , ' It is a scientiflc fact that the Eoyal Baking Powder Is absolutely pure. """" ; "H. A. Moxi, Ph.D." " I have etamlned a package of Roy al Baking Powder, purchased ty myself üi the market. I flnd it entirely tree from alum, terra alba, or any other injurious subBtance. Hesbt Mobton, Ph.D., President of Stevens Inetitute of Technology." " I have analyzed a package of Royal Baking Powder. The materials Of which It is composed are pure and wholesome. 8. Daha. Hatbs, State Assayer, Maes." The Royal Baking Powder recelved the hlghest award over all competitors at the Vienna World's Exposition, 1873 ; at the Centennial, Philadelphia, 18T6 ; at the American Institute, New York, and at State Fairs throughout the country. No other article of human food has ever receired such high, emphatic, and universal endorsement from eminent chemists, phyeidans, scientlsts, and Soards oí Health all o.ver the world. Note- The above Diagram fllustrates tbe comparative worth of rarious Baking Powders, as shown by Chemical Analysis and experimente made by Prof. Schedler. A pound can of each powder was taken, the total leavening power or volume in each can calculated, the result being as lndicated. This practical test for worth by Prof. Schedler only proves what every observant consumar of the Royal Baking Powder knows by practical eiperience, that, whüe it costa a few cents per pound more than ordinary kinds, it is far more económica!, and, besides, afiords the advantage of better work. A single trial of the Royal Baking Powder will convince any fair-minded person of these facts. tlt . - Whüe the diagram shows some of the alum powders to be of a higher degree of etrength than other powders ranked below them, it is not to be taken as indïcating that they have any value. All alom powders, no matter how high their etrength, are to be avoided as dangerous.


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