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A Mass of Bargains ! ! Our Whole Store Croivded with Displays. Our lot of best AJtaerican Sateens at 10c. One lot of best fTench Sateens at 18c. One Job Dress Goods worth from 25c to 40c, reduced to 15c per yd. Look at our 10c Job White Goods. You will flnd our Store brimful of bargains, where so many thousand yards of Dress Goods and such great bulks of Goods come and go necessarily these's a Stock of Odds and broken Unes left. Good 10c and 12Jc " Fancy Dress " Ginghams marked down to 7c per yd. Best Staple Ginghams reduced to 8c. Good fine Unbleached Cottons at 6c. Good Lawns, fast colors, worth from 6c to 8c per yd., at 3Lc. Our Batiste, Jackonets Lawns and many other Summer Goods all reduced. A full line of all Silk Surrahs in all shades at 50c per yd. White Goods 8c, 10c, 15c, 20c and 25c, marked about i off. We have made one lot of over J of our Parasols and have cut them down from $1.50 to $3.00, all to 95c each. 45-inch Swiss and Hamburg Embroidered Skirtings in beautiful designs, from 50c to $3.00. Don't fail to see them. A big job in Hose worth from 25c to 50c, reduced to 15c each. 50 doz. Ladies' (2 by 2) fancy stripe Hose worth at least 25c, at 15c per pair. Our fast Blacks - if they crock or fade in washing, we refund the money for the 10c Hose as well as the 25c, 50c and 75c Goods. Laces from 1 to 9 inches wide, all 5c per yd. Our Remnant Table is overloaded now. Our Bargain Table is full of odds and ends from lc each up. A look through our Store can give you an idea of our prices by seeiug our displayed bargain?.


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