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Genteel Qnacks. " Yes, it pays," said a big, fat pbysician with a name that is known throughout the medical world. " I have a practice worth $40,000 a year." "W'oruen?" "'ve guessed il first lime. Theypay $10 every time they como itito my office. Wben one get8 ön my list I teil you she stayf!' and Dr. H. laüghed long and loud. This is quackery- gilt-edged, genteel quackery - to ktep suffering woman paying tribute year in and year out, and doing tbem no good. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures the peculiar weaknesses and diseases of women. It does not lie to them nor rob them. A good many Americana abroad have to blush often for their countrymen. THEY DD IT. What? Cured among others the following. They write : 819 Central'Ave., Cincinnati, O., January 4th, 1888. J Athlophoros Pilis have cured me of liver complaint and dyspepsia. I gato ten of the Pilis to a f riend wno is troubled with indigestión and he has improved wonderiuUy. F. H. Rowekamp. 16 Eosette Rt, New Haven. Ct, i FebruarylOth, 1888. ) Athlonhoros Pilis worked wonders in my case of dyspepsia. Emma L. Clabe. Ath-lo-pho-ros Pilis are small and pleasant to take, yet wonderfully eñective. Invaluable for kidney and liyer complaints, dyspepsia, indigestión, constipation, headache, etc. They'll take away that tired feeling giving new life and strength. S"Send 6 cents for the beautiful colored picture, " Hoorish Maiden." THE ATHLOPHOROS CO. 112 WallSt N. Y. BUSINESS CARDS. ALEX. W. HAMILTON Attorney at Lsw. Wlll practice in boüi State and United 8tate Courts. Office Rooms, one and two, lst Boor of the new brick block. corner of Huron and Fourtb. Btreete, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1 E. WILLIAMS, Attorney at Law, il lian, M icli. Money loaned for outside parties. All legal business given prompt attention. GBT 0. E. GODFREY TO DO TOUR DBAYISe, Freight work, Furniture and Piano moving, 01 anything else that you need done. He has all the latest appliances, largest drays and best force of men. Residence, 46 . 4th-st. Telepnone 83 WM. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL FARLORS over Savings Bank opposite Oourt House Square. Teeth extracted without pain by use of Gas or Vitalized Air. WM. BIGGS. Coatractor i Buildor And all kinds of work In connectlon wltn the aboye nroniptly. executed. a Shop Cor. of Church-st and University ave. Telephone 9 ; P. O. Box 1248. Ann Arbor Fruit Farm Berry Plants, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Pears and Grapevines a Specialty. Syrups and Home-Made Wines. Syrup of Raspberry ; Bartlett Pear Syrup, Bone Eett, Dandelion and Raspberry Wines and Shrubs forLiver and Kidney troubles ; Sweet Red Concord and Martha White Wines, especially prepared ior Invallds. Order Trees and Plants early, as we get most of them from the best Nurseries east E. ll.Vl'lt, West lluro M. FOUND AT MRS. HOYT'S, NO. 7 E. ANN ST., North side of Court House, a fine line SPRING MIILLNRY AND SAXR GOODS, A large line of Embroidering Material. Do your own starnping by using Kennerley & Oreighton'a transfer desisrns. O-3LjXj O2ÑT G. H. WILD BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER FOR A Fine Dress Suitl If you want a Nice Suit, the latest Style, see G. H. WILD, THE TAILOR. No. 3 Wasnlngton St. BINSEY & EZABOLT 3STOS. 6 .a-etid s Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hve always on hand a complete Stock of eveij thlngintti GROCERY LI1! Teas, Ccffees and Sugars All prime Artlcles bought for Cash and can se 1 atlow figures. Our frequent large invoioee o) Teas is a sure slgn that we give bargaine In QUALITY AND PBIOH. We roaet our own coffees every week, alwajn rresh and good. Out bakery turns out the ver; best of Bread, Cakes and crackers. C'all and eeas.


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