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He Braves Niagara

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Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. íi.- Carlisle D. Graham, the Philadelphia cooper, went over the center of the Horseshoe Ialls in his bar. rel-boat at 7:10 o'clock Sunday niorning-, and twenty-five minutes later was picked up comparativoly unharmed in the eddy below the falla. HÍ8 barrel was beaten and wrenehed sr.mewhat, but was still water, tight. He says of his trip: "The ride through tho rapids is as nothins compared with it. The rapids before reachmg the brink and which look so small trom the shore, are not at all pleasant. I could not realize just when I reaohed the brink, for it seemed as though I must have been dazed, but Iexperienced the falling sensation and I knew Iwas KOing feet flrst. The noise no man will ever be able to describe. I realized nothing afterttaat until somethinj struck the barrel and I could hear some one cali out: 'Graham, are you alive?' I had hardly strengta to answer back and not enough to undo the fastening on the side, so I begged them to break the barrel to pieces and get me out, but they only broke off the manhole cover. I have got all I ever want out or Niágara ialls, and I don't th:nk I ever want to hear them roar again."


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