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The New Union Depot Which It Is

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posed to build in Detroit will be a vast improvement to the city and will be fully appreciated by the traveling public. The farmers who pray are most de-voutlyprayingforrain, whilethose who do not pray are earnestly hoping that -"the prayers of the righteous will avail much "-rain. The managers of the Detroit exposition have decided not to open the exhlbitionon Sunday, or to permit the sale of intoxicants on the ground. This is a step in the right direction and isto be commended. The Detroit Journal has reached the end of its sixth year. It is a well developed youth for one so young. The high ideas of journalism held by those who manage it have won for it a firra hold in Michigan. It would be difficult tofind acleaner, newsier or more reliable iournal. By excluding the sale of liquors from the grounds during the Detroit Exposition, the managers have forfeited many thousands of dollars which the Haloon keepers would willingly pay for the privilege. This amount will in large measurebe made up by the attendance of people who would prefer to stay away rather íhan come in contact with the toughs, thugs, gamblers and dead-beats generally, who always follow in the wake of the saloon. A novel, and at the same time valuable provisión in the North Dakota constitution is that which prohibits trading in votes. Theextentto which this sort of corruption is carried nowadays calis for immediate and radical measures to suppress it. It is encouragine to see the younger states taking a firm stand ín regard to such matters. Our older states, and the nation as well, will soon be compelled to follow Dakota and deal with this evil in a summary manner. The State Board of Education is supposed to be composed of men withsome small degree, at least, of common sense. Some of the questions they send out for teachers' examinations do not indícate anything of the kind. "What would you do when you get to the North Pole?" doubtlesa demands a deep and profound answer. We wonder what the board itself would do if asked a similar quesüon. The teacher who said he would " climb it " was quite as brilliant as those who asked the question. Such silly catch questions are entirely out of date except among old fogies. _____- The sullen war-dance of the democratie braves over the election of Cavanaugh aa secretary of the county school examiners seems not to have brought about any very great results, at least the county press are quite unanimous in praising the successiul candidate. The opposition were altogether too slow in opposing Mr. Cavanaugh, as he seems to have had things all "fixed" a long way in advance. Such a monopoly ot fat offices by a single firm will, however, not be mildly acquiesced in many times by those hungry for the spoils, so look out for some new candidates for school examiners at the next election. The Detroit Journal pretends to compliment United States Senator Stockbridge by saying that he is doing more for the State of Michigan by raising fast horses than as a rnember of the Sen. ate. This may be the honest opinión of the Journal, but certainly would not be considered complimentary by the senator. Michigan, with her great amount of lake shore, has too many vital interests at stake before the United States Congress to make it possible for a senator to do more for his state by looking after his private enterprises than by attending to his duties at Washington. The former is but a pigmy as compared with the latter. A nbw gas company for the purpose of furnishing fuel gas is a prospecti ve addition to Ann Arbor. If the company ■can furnish a good quality of fuel gas at less than fifty cent per thousand feet, as they claim, the council should not hesitate to grant them a franchise. At the rate named heat for cooking, warming, and manufacturing purposes would be cheaperthan it is now obtained from ■coal or wood. This would be a great inducement to manufacturers to lócate here. The council should thoroughly .nvestigate the matter and if it finds 4hat the company is a perfectly reliable one and means to carry out what it proíposes, it should offer reasonable inducements for it to lócate in the city. The outlook for Michigan in the election of speaker of the next houBe o: representatives is, to say the least, flat lering. Mr. McKAnlly of Ohio would no doubt like the place, and would dohon or to himself and his party in such a position, but he can do better work on the floor than any other man in Congress, and political policywilldoubtless demand that he remain there. There are equally serious objections to almost every otber aspirant to tbe place. This leaves an almost entirely open field for the orator from Michigan. Mr. Burrows is pre-eminently the man for the place, and every Michigan man should see to it that his interests are judiciously pushed. _ _ The visit of the delegates to the International American Congress to Ann Arbor next month is a fitting recognition of the charaeter of our great university. The people of South as well as those of North Arnerici are com ing more and more to recogniza the progressive spirit exhibited by those who founded the University of Michigan as well as that of those who have faithfully carried out, and at the same time eularged and added to, the ideas of its founders. The delegates who come here and see the army of yonng men andwomen in attendance and learn more of the institution which is able to attract so large a number of students wül go away more strongly impressed than ever with the fact that the West is taking the lead in educational matters. It is to be regretted that a longer stay in Ann Arbor cannot be made. It will be impossible to obtain in a few hours anything like an adequate idea of the real workings ofsuch an institution as the University of Michigan.


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