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E. H. Soott was ia Toledo Monday. S. T. Douglas of Detroit was ia the city Tuesday. Dr. V. C. Vaughan returned from Missouri Friday. C. B. Garrison of Vernon is visiting friends here. James R. Angelí returned Tuesday from Rhode Island. L. H. Clement and dsughter took a trip to Detroit Tuesday. Miss Carrie Winans returned Friday from Grand Rapids. Fred. Fuller of Monroe is visiting bis aunt, Mrg. M. M. Green. John L. Duffy arrived home from Mackinac last Thursday night. Regent C. R. Whitmaa arrived home from Charlevoix Sunday. John Rose and wife left Tuesday to spend a week at Petoskey. C. K. Freedman of Detroit spent Sunday with friends in this city. S. S. Blitz and wife are taking a trip to the northern part of the state. Mrs. Frank Bassett of Lincoln, Neb., is visiting the family of D. C. Fall. A. F. Hanson of Toledo epent Sunday and Monday with his family here. Z. Roath and J. V. Sheehan started last night on a business trip to New York. Miss Allie Holden of Honeoye, N. Y., is visiting her neice, Mrs. C. W. Wagner. President Angelí is expected home from his summer's vacation next week. Miss Susie Harrington of Detroit is visiting her aunt, Mrs. M. S. Pulcipher. "Dick" Kearn8 returned to his work for Uncle Sam at Cleveland Tuesday night. Will. Dolan of Lansing spent a couple of days this week with his sister in this city. JVLiss Lzzie Hunt returned trom Fetoscey Friday where she has spent her vacaion. Fred Abbott, lit '89, of Hudson spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in the city. Ed. de Pont returned Saturday frotn jes Chenaux. Prof. de Pont gets back today. Mr. and Mrs. Dan. Watts oí Dansville spent with Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Durand. Mrs. Wm. Merithew returned Tuesday rom a ten daya' visit at Manchester and Eiorton. Mr. Steifer and family of West Point, !feb., are visiting the family of D. F. Schairer. J. J. Quarry returned Monday f rom Canada where he has been spending his vacation. John Bowdish has returned from Butler, Ind., and takes a position at Noble's clothinp; store. Mrs. A. H. Rays leaves this week to visit her sister, Mrs. Judge McMath, at Bay City. Miss Annie Pusey, who has been visiting friends for a month, returned to Cleveland Tuesday. Miss Emmi Hayley returned Saturday frotn tíay City where she has been spending two weeks. Geo. F. Bailey of New York, the veteran 8howman, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Haviland. W. W. Tidd returned last week from Mackinac where he has been playing with tie Chequamegons. Jacob Sohlayer of Stuttgart, Germany, spent from Saturday until Tuesday with relatives in this city. Mr. and Mrs. Royce, who have been visiting Mrs. Z. Bird on State-st, returned to Terra Haute Saturday. Miss Florence Benham returned Tuesday from Grand Rapids where she spent six weeks with her sister. Mrs. Carrie Stone of S. Fifth-st returned Monday from Ottawa, Ont., where she has been spending the sumtner. Miss Mary Kittredge returned Saturday from Grand Rapids where she has been visiting her sister, Mrs. T. Muir. Prof. Chas. E. Greene and family returned Saturday from the east where they have been spending the summer. Miss Flora Goodale left Saturday for Reed City where she will resume teaching in the public schools of that place. "Kern." Donovan, U. S. assistant engineer at Port Eads, La., is visiting his father, P. Donovan, in lower town. A. L. Noble and family were to have started on a northern trip Tuesday, but were detained by Mr. Noble's illness. Masters Willie and Fredie Miller who have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. ffm. Allaby, returned to Kalamazoo last day. Mrs. Delay Davisand Mias Sadie Sweetman, who have been visiting Mrs. Thomas Hayley, leave for St. Thomas, Oat., tomorrow. Rev. Callender C. Smyth, a Moravian missionary of Jamaicia and an old schoolmate of Éugene K. FrueaufF, spent Friday with him in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Bastían and daughter, Mrs. Stolz and two daughters, Mrs. Thomas and neioe Miss Mary Deyle, of Saginaw, visited Mr. and Mrs. Philip Krause Sunday and Monday. Prof. J. C. Knowlton and family return ed Saturday (rom Charlevoix where they spent the summer. The professor declares it the greatest place on earth and is now ready to teil big fish stories with the oldest flsherman


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