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I THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ ïRUTHSFORTHESICK.m III Bllious Spellgdepend Cor i case whore III I lonSuu'nriiliiTTiiKS ruim Bittkim illlll Uit yiH cure yon. lotasslst or cure. Jilll g' nnvonsnnVT.vifh " " ft Ithattlredandallgone cieanse the YitiatedlJl teeltag; ïf po, use i,iOo1 when you scel I ■ t mll mro you. ngthrough the skinll Opcralive who aro n iples,Blotehe,l -closely conflned in ?n1 Sores. Rcly onl Qthe milis and work. hüí'p,I"J1íKBl7;'!EJíS'Q I shops; olerks, who Jo ;ln(l hcalth will íolíS not procure suflicient ____ I II exercise.anilaUwho s "sickly. iüL . Q 1 If you do not yrfsh .{'LI-iiub I!irTERsI I Ito suffer from wl" bllll(i 5OU "P an(i II I latism, use a bottlo oí makc Soa strougandl I IIsülphur Bitters : ''galthy. II IHltnevorfailsloruro. suli-huh BittebsHI PI Don't be Without a yilllnakeyollrbloodïS =bottle. Try lt; you pure, riih and strong.U Ijl will not rcirret it. ind yonr flash hard. III II Lalies in (iolicatr 'l'r m k II Illhealth, who are all tkhs to-night, andlll Ilqrundown.shoulduso you will sleep welllll ;UII II 1 1 l: I'. .- . f.-.l In II, f., ril III Do you want the best Medical Work publlshed? Kend 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Oudwat & CoBoston, Slass., and reccivo a copy, freo. -2p5 THE BESTWHITE 60APMADE IN-AMER1CAllfJAS-S-KlRK" 9 Stl'H WHITE Í I W Ovlf VVRAPPER5 l AcTORsand-AcnassEs LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND STUDENTS ' The reut 1 ntrKsIi l'r. s, rlpl ii.n wil] restore that lost Vitallty and a Rugeerl Healthy Csnditlou follow its use. Buy at youi drunlst'i, onc,ïl ; six for Ï5. ' EUKEKA CUEMIOAL CO., DETROIT, MicH Sll l,y JOIIX HOOBE. CViqo Mo+üi WITHOUT ANY EXCEPJlieet Metal XIÓN the best In the - - - - - an world. Absolutely rairi nrTTtTAT "■! storm and flre proof. EasSHINGLES lly Aric a W"1' W UUW flnish aud at prices that, in many parts of the country, compete successfully with wood shingles. Illuitrattd catalogue and prices free. Ths National Sheet Metal Roofing Co., 510 Enst BOtb St.,Nciv York City. The Iargest, and flnest in the world. Paaaenper acconuuod:itii)na unoxcelled. nï orlt to HTWpool vla ii.-.n.- ... Jhe Celebrated I The Kineat iKopt.lSlh. tlcjofltome ship in the World. lOct. 16Ill. Xew Vork to l.l:i-;.. vla l.omloiilerry. FornSMla, Sept. II: Devonia, spcjati irriiüNia, Nopt. aS Ethlopia, Oct. 5 : Xrr York tu Azorra, ■ idrall. r Hnü Ilaly. Utopia. Oct. 14 ; Victoria, Of t. 15. Suloon, Rcrond-Clasa and Ktceraze rates on lowes tonus. Excursión Ticktts reduced, maTk'avail.iIjlr to rt'turabyeither the Plotnnniu Clyüo and NoriH of 1land, or Kivit Mersey and South of Ireland, or Naplea Excuralona to Paria or Continental Tonrn on lowjst term. Travclere' Circular letters of Credit and l-rar ts tor any amoimt at lowest;uiTent rates. Apply to auy of oiir agente, or lo HENDERSON BROTHERS, Chicago, III. i. W. nellor. r4"k'K Oottnn Root C'ompound.- ComMffúSSxv pom-1 ol' CotloT Koot. Tausy nnd Penny■ ÖfiSÜ ''"""'■ '''"'■i ■■'"■''!' "■'""' '""''!- Rafe, flÈK? ï -.fii-i-tnnl, l'leasnnt. $1 bv mail, ordrUK JT -T plt. Bealeri narUcT'larsSgtami. I-adles X 1rt'reM POND LILV CCMPANY, " 181 U -rulwirU ave.. Detroit. Mich. Sold in Ann Arbor by all drugglsts. WhyShoaldl Go to Montana ? Oreat !{■ snrvatlon. Because iS,ooo,ooo acres of free Government land, with a delightful climate, and equally suited for general farming and stock raising, have just been opened to the homesceker. in the Milk River Valley and near Benton and Great Falls. Stock Kalsiiitr. Because the favurable climate and superior grasses of Montana inake it the natural lioine of horses. cattle, shecp and other domestic animáis; and becausc winter feeding is not lequired, as stock grazM at large the year round. Oeneral Farmliii;. Because a rich soM and abundant summer rains produce wheat, oats, rye barley and the grasses and vegetables of a qualíty' size and yield unsurpassed. ' Mlnlllic. Because Montana produces more of the precious metáis than any other state or territory and abundant opportunities remain to secure valuable properties at nominal cost. Ininiijrrntlnii. Because the Great Reservation is the meeting point of settlcrs from the Pacific Coast and from the Kastern States, and is the only extensive tract of good land left, suitable for settlemcnt. HilNiileNH. Because the rapidly growing towns along the St. Paul, Minpeapolis & Manitoba Ry. otter splendid opportunities to engage in business. Manufacturar. Because the i.oooooo horsepower water-power at Great Falls, the extensive coal veins, the wool, mineral and grain raising resources oí Montana ofler exceptional opportunities to the manufacturer. Tourlst. Because the canon of the Gates of the Mountains, the Great Falls of the Missouri, the Giant Fountain and Continental Divide offer the most sublime and diversified scenery to be found on the Continent. Take a summer tour. Wny Travel by the St. P., M. M. ? Because only by it can you travel through the largest body of free land left for settlement. Because it reaches the Great Falls, with the largest waterpower on the Continent. Because it reaches Helena, the richest city of its size in theworld; and because it is the shortest and best route to Butte the largest miningcamp on earth. Special tourists" and landseekers' rates. Daily trains through solid to Montana. Choice of three routes to the Pacific Coast. Find out all about it by writing lor '■ Tha Great Reservation," and "Tourists' Summer Guille." For further Information, rates, mans. etc apply to F. I. WlllTNKY. G. P. & T. A., St! Paul, Minneapoüs & Manitoba Ry. St. Paul Minn.


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