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Modjeska's Forgetful Bridegroom

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Modjeska tells a story about her honeymoon that is somewhat auiusing. When the Count and Countess Bozenta went on their wedding trip, I think it waa to Paris, I aiu not sure, it does not matter, one morning she had just got up, and the count had been out for an hour or two taking a morning walk. Ho carne back and appeared to be excited. "Helen! Helen! Come here." "What is it?" "Come heio, quick. I've brought you sonialovely fruit, the first on the market." "All riglit, I'm dressing. I'll comeout as soon as I get ready." She dressed leisurely and eame out of her room. The count-was sitting reading, deeply interested in his work. She looked around. No fruit wa to be seen. Sho looked all over the place. The count looked up. "What aro you looking for?" "Where's that fruit?" The count looked on the table. It was not there. "Well." he said. "ril be hanced if 1


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