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Common Council Meeting

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The regular monthly meeting of the common council was held Monday evening, a!l of the city fathers being present except Aid. Spafiford. The ses8ion was a short one but the memberg did good work while they were there. The Board of Public Works recomraended that sidwalks be ordered in the followin? localitiep: On the east side of Broadway from Canal-st. to the river bridge; on the east side of ülast University-ave from the south line of Mrs. Patton-Taylor's lot to Willard-st; on the west side of north Main-st from Catherine st to the T. & A. A. railroad track?; on the north gide of west Horon-st from First-st to the city limite; on the west gide of Fountain-st from Miller-ave to High-st. A petition was received from Sebastian Seyfried asking permission to erect open sheds in his wood yard. Referred to the fire committee. A petition was received from 31 residente of the first ward asking that Fourth st be opened frotn Madison to Hill-st. Referred to the street committee. A petition was received, gigned by 60 citizens, asking that a bridge be built across the M. C. R. R. tracks at the foot of State st. Referred to the street committee. Nine of the business men on Washington-st presented a petition requeating the couDcil to order Sehuh & Muehlig's sign, whieh hangs over the sidewalk, removed. Refered to the City Marshal, he having power to act. The Sorg shortage came tip in the shape of a request from Frederick Pistorious asking that the city officials be empowered to discharge the mortgage whioh Juliana Sorg and Albert Sorg gave to the city on their inerest in one of the lots of the Sorg eetate. The claim was made thst the mortgage was of no valué, but was simply a cloud upon the title of the land. Referred to the finance committee. Fifteen taxpayers of the sixth ward asked the council to have the water mains extended from Hill-st along Packard-st to Wells-8t, a distance of 2,800 feet, and that four hydrants be placed along the lioe for fire protection. The petition was referred to the water committee. The finance committee submitted their report and recommended that warrants be ordered drawn as follows: Contingent fund, $744.17; street fund, $697.25; poor fund, $42.62; pólice fund, $115 83; firemen's fund, $1,321.52; total, $2,921.39. The report included $5 to each of the seven members of the old hook and ladder fcompany for the six montbs' service which they had rendered. A motion was made to strike these from the report, but it was lost. The committee reported the following supplementary report: W. G. Dieterle, $9; Edward Sharp and Alvin Hatch, $2; Myron Mills $10 50; J. R. Bach, $C2.50; Beal & Pond! $37.50; T.-H. Electric Co., $2. Warrants were ordered drawn as recommended. An ordinance relative to the licensing of vehicles came up for first reading. The Gas Company ordinaDce came up for final passage. The ordinance was ed so as to limit the price of gas to $1.50 per 1,000 feet to the city, whether used for Street ligting or in public buildings. It was also cbanged so as make the limit to private consumere $2 per 1.000 cubic feet to all consumera, email as well as large. Aftcr these changes were made the ordlnance was carried, but not until the time of the franchise was reduced from 30 to 10 years. The City Marshal reported four arrests during the month, two for drunkenness and one each for vagrancy and violation of the liqupr law. The City Poormaster reported the following expenditures for the poor : lst ward, $.91 ; 2d ward, $1.25 ; 3d ward, $10.49; 4th ward, $24.80; 5th ward, $1.04; 6th ward, $2; total. 48.55. The City Recorder's r eport showed the city account overdrawn $3,813.98, including $413.12 in warrants outstanding. The City Treasurer's report was as follows: Balance on hand last report, $48.51; receipts, $25.50; disbursements, $3,474.87: balance overdrawn, $3,400.86. The funds overdrawn are the contingent, $1,570.01 ; street, $1,939.20; firemen's, 229.82; delinquent tax, $1,022.55. Those funds having balances still on hand are as follows: pólice, $242; poor, $741,08; water, $21146; cemetery, $66.18; dog tax, $100. Ad ordinance amending the ordinance g anting a franchise to the Street Railway Company was introduced and given the first reading. As it is designed by the present company to build an electric road, it was necessary to make some changes in the ordinance. The amendment changes the route in several places. Instead of running on Forest-ave west to Hill-st and thence around past the fair grounds and down on Washtenaw-ave, the new route runs east on Porest-ave to Washtenaw-ave, a spur line only running to thetair grounds. The lines on State-st, north of Huron-st, and Huron-st, west of Main-st, are not included in the new route. As no horses are to be used, the company ask to be relieved from paving between the tracks. J. B. Corliss of Detroit was present and spoke of the plans of the company. ' The plan is to build an electric road, overhead eystem, as horse cars are deemed inexpedient where there are so many heavy grades. He promised that if the changes were made, the cars would be running by Nov. 15, and urged the ciuncil to pass the ordinance as soon as possible. A motion was passed that when the council adiourned it be until Friday night, when the ordinance will come up again. The city boards and council committees were directed to report to the council the amount of money necessary to carry on the work now under their supervisión. The Fire Commissioners were authomed to sell any or all of the hand engines as they deemed best.


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