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ui ü s OM W Pa i2 6.VJ ás5 s f$ fcb Si o K h 8 s " j ë rl 0 gMl U 'S OO ffl 1 w O il W II 1 Schim 1 Milieu, LEADERS OF uw púas Are Determined to Sell a Lot of Suinnier (ïoods During the Next Two Weeks. We must have the Boom for New FALL GOODS! Now Arriving. If 50c on the Dollar will Sell the Goods, then surely they are Bargains. ♦ HERE ARE THE I.OWI'SI PRICES - ♦ 10 Pieces Victoria Lawns and India Linens, 10c quality; now 5c a yard. Closing out a lot of Plain White Goods at 10c a yard; worth 15c and 20c. 15 Pieces Wool Beige Dress Goods, were 50c; now 30c a yard. All 15c, 18c and 20c Slimmer Dress Goods; now 12Jc a yard. Closing out all our 12ic and 15c Satines at 10c a yard. All our 30c, 35c and 40c French Satines; now 25c a yard. 3 Pieces Black Silk Fish Nets for over dresses, very stylish, at $1.00, $1.50 and $1.75 a yard. 7 Pieces Black Chantilly Lace Flouncings at 75c, $1.00 and $1.35 per yard. One Lot Colored Silk Parasols OneHalf Off. 26-inch Umbrella, Gold Cap, only $1.35. 28-inch Silk Umbrella. Gold Cap, only $1.50. Closing out a Lot of Infant's Lace Caps at 15c and 20c each. Here is a big bargain in 20 Pieces Tennis and School Flannels, Light and Dark Stripes, Plaids and Plain Colors, sold all over town at 15c. Our price only 10c a yard. 15 Pieces White Flannels at 10c, 12ic, 15c and 25c a yard. Housekeepers, you will appreciate the following Low Prices: 50 Pairs Lace Curtains at $1.00, $1.25 $1.50 a pair. 18 Pairs elegant wide 3', yards long Lace Curtains at $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 a pair. 5 Pieces Nottingham Curtain Laces at 10c, 12Jc, 15c to 25c a yard. Fancyand Cream Curtain Scrims at 6c, Sc and 10c a yard. Drapery Curtain Poles, complete, at 25c. 15 Pieces Fancy Bed Ticke at 10c, 12icandl5c. Bargains in Feather Ticks at 8c, 10c and 12c. One Case Best Shirting Prints at 5c a yard. One Case New Fall Prints at 5c a yard. 3 Bales, yard wide, Sheeting, at 5c a yard. One Lot Holland Window Shades in Patent Spring Eollors, at 50c each. Bargains in Cantón Flannels at Cc, 7c, 8c and 10c a yard. 1-4 Bleached Sheeting, only 22c a yard. 10-4 Bleached Sheeting, only 25c a yard. 42-inch Bleached Pillow Cotton, only 10c. 5-4 Bleached Pillow Cotton, only 12Jc. 9-4 Unbleached Sheeting, only 20c a yard. 8-4 Unbleached Sheeting, only 18c a yard. 10-4 Unbleached Sheeting, only 23c a yard. This is much lessthan the same goods have ever been sold in this city. Housekeepers, we will show you some Big Bargains in ïable Linens, Napkins and Towels, and don't forget to see our White Bed Spreads at 75c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50. Big Drive in Safety Pins. Two Papers for 5c. 24 Doz. Best Stockinet Arm Shields at 12]c and 15c each. Sold everywhere at 25c and 30c. One Case Genuine Eenfrew Turkey Red Table Damask, well known, and sold at 50c ; our price will be only 35c a yard. A RARE BARGAIN FOK ALL. 8 Pieces Curtain Plush Draperies, at 12Jc a yard. 6 Pieces Doublé Face Figured Plush Draperies at 20c and 25c a yard. One Case White and Gray Blankets at $1.00 a pair; 10-4 size. We are daily receiving New Fait Goods. 15 Pieces New Shades Velvets for Trimmings, only 50c a yard. lö-inch Dress Plush at 40c a yard. 14 Pieces 24-inch Dress Plush, Beauiful Eich Quality, at $1.00 a yard. Bargains in Fine Black Dress Goods, Fine Wool Henriettas, Silk Warp Henriettas, Black Mohairs, Black and White Stripes and Plaids. Agents for the Haskell Black Silks and Smithand AngelPs Fast Black Hosery. This will be a profitable sale to couumersof Frst-Class Dry Goods. Schaker & Killen LEADERS OF LOW PRICES,


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