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The Pilgrimage Of The Knights

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All the arrangements are completed for Ihe pilgrimage of Ann Arbor Commandery No.13, to the 24 th trien nial conclave of the Grand Encampment of tbe United States, to be held in the city of Washington, commencing nest Monday. The Sir Knightp, with their ladies and friends, will leave on a ppecial train Saturday evening at 6 30, msking the trip via the Michigan Central, Erie, Lehigh Valley and Baltmore & Ohio railroads. Two Wagner sleepers bave heen chartered for the use ot this commandery, the trip being made on the Grand Commandery train, consisting of Jackson, Charlotte, Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor commandries, together with officersand members of the Grand Commanáery and two cars loads of Sir Knights from Grand Rapid?. Ann Arbor Commandery has rented two houses at Washington for the accomodatioa of th-s party, No. 723 12-t being used as headquarters and No 1108 G-st being used for the ladies and elderly members. The commandery vpill keep open house at the 12th-st quarters, and expect to entertain hundreds of visitors aud friends during their stay. The commandery will be in charge of Chas. E. Hiscock, eminent commander, with the following line officers: L. C. Goodrich as captain-general; J. L. Stone as eenior warden; A. C. Nichols as junior warden. Many of the party will visit New York and other places before their return, the tickets being good n til O t 31. The following is a list of Uie ua.m t of those who will compose the party leaving this city: M. C. LeBeau and wife, A. C. Nlchols and wife, W W. Watts and wife. Dr. W. B.Smith, wife and daughter, ï. F. HUI and wife, W. G. Doty and wife, D. O. Fall aud wiíe. N. E. Sutton and wife. Dr. John Kapp and wife. C. E. Hiscock, J. R. Miner, E. J. Marton, J. W. Morton, L. C. Goodrich, J L Stone, W. F. Mills, G. M. Monroe, H. T. Morton, W. D. Harriman, R. H. Cuthbert, A. W. Gasser, A. P. Ferguson, E. W. Moore, J. M. Willcoxson, H. W. Hayes, Mrs W'm. Allahy, George H. Klum and CharleB Schultz, of Ann Arbor. Martin Cremer and daughter, P. W. Oarpenter and wife, H. R. Scoville and wife, C. M. Norton, wife and sister, J. C. Bemiss and son, of Ypsilantl. Rev. M. H. Bartram and wife, W. H. Whitmareh and wire, O A. Kelley and wife, and G. P. Williams, of Milan. R tí. Armstrong, C. T. Conklin, W. J. Knapp and J. H. Palmer, of Chelsea. M. V. Aldndge, A. Goatrlck, J. W. Wrlght and 1. V. Gieheir. of Howell. M 8 Cook and wife, E. Jedele and wife, and Miss Clara Phelps, of Dexter. A. F. Freeman and wife, and Frank 8parard and wile, of Maucl-aMfcT T. B. Huil, of BmrysniK'.Cat.


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