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The Stockbridge fair is booming this week. Mack & Schmid will open a branch store at Manchester. The bridge over the race at Manchester is nearly finished. The Sharon Farmers' Club meete at A. Hitchcock's to-morrow afternoon. The office of the Wesleyan Herald has been removed from Chicago to Brighton. The Lutherans at Saline raised $100. for mis8ionary purposes at one service recently. A Sunday School Institution was held at the Baptist church, Saline, last Saturday and Sunday. C. A Nims turned over the Stockbridge postoffice to bis succes sor, Andrew D. Grimes, Tuesday. Fifteen horses started in the four minute race at the Chelsea fair. John Pratt's horse won tbe race. Wm. Cobb of Portage Lake was severely bruised by being mixed up in a runaway at Dexter recently. Miss LucyEnglish of Iron Creek, near Manchester, has started for India where she will do missionary service. Frank McNamara has removed frqm Chelsea to Traverse City, where he will engage in the boot and shoe business. J. Hetley has ventured into the lumber business at South Lyon, having purchased tbe interest of E. C. Wagar. The fruit evaporator at the poultry farm in Saline is running and 100 bushels of fruit are being evaporated. daily Apples have been contracted for at Manchester at $1,25 a barrel, and there ia considerable strife among the buyers. The new uniform coats for the South Lyon band boys have arrived, and the boys are as proud of them as a boy with a gun. E. Helber of Saline secured second prize on his fine carriage team at the Detroit exposition. That, with other premiums recieved, paid him about $200. The horse stolen from Mr. Palmer, the Grass lake Hveryman, was found at Saline, and the dog cart, blankets, etc, turned up at Teoumseh. - Chelsea Herald. Ricfcmond Bros. of Unadilla tried a new scheme with their threshing machine last week. They fed an iron clevis into it and narrowly averted an accident. George Montague of Unauilla found his sheds on fir one evening last week. He hustled around and extinguished the iire before much damage was done. E. D. Howell h&s commenced his duties as postmaster at South Lyon. The office has been removed to Vowes' store and F. Vowes and H. Comiskey are assistants in the office. James Hooton, who died recently at Bridgewater, was thougbtful enough to insure his life,and hiw family is $3,000 better off than it would have been had he not done so. The Manchester Enterprise is now starting on its 23d y ear, and shows no signs of weakening vet. In fact it is a stronger and better paper than ever, and Bro. Blosser may well feel proud of it. E. C. Bowling of the Ypsilanti Dress Stay Co. has scxd a laf ge part of his stock in the concern, and the company has been reorganizad. A prosperous business is done, and the company has a paid-up capital of $200,000. A baby exhibit was one of the features of the Chelsea fair and some fine specimens were presented. Nina May Chadwick secured the first prize among the maids, and Albert Heselschwerdt secured the same from the rest of the boys. Kit. C. Snyder died at the house of his father at Stockbridge last week Wednesday, aged 28 years. Tne young man was one of the proprietors of a general store at Stock brige. He was bom in Dexter township and spent his boyhood at that place. At the annual meeting of the Emauuel's choreta society on Tuesday, they voted to erect a school building near their church to cost $1,000. Those present subscribed $300 and the balance will be raised before long. - Manchester Enterprise. "The Evangelist Society of North America" (colored) are holding a camp meeting in D. Cody's grove near Pittsfield Junction. Tne meetings opened yesterday and are to continue until Sunday evening. - Saline übserver. Rev. ö. B. Thompson of this city is at the head of the concern. Rev. J. H. Mclntosh of the Chelsea Methodist church gives public notice that there is trouble anead, and that he will preach a series of sermons, and deal with a class of subjects, "that none but those in love with the truth will care to hear." He says that the pulpit and pews will be shaken by God's word, and invites all to come and hear him. The sportsmen of Manchester and vicinitywereto have held a hunting match Tuesday, 25 huntsmen being chosen on a side by Wm. Slodard and Irwin Clark. There was a territic thundering in that direction Tuesday ,and it is probable that there is not a live pieee of game in the neighborhood, although there may be, as the returns have not been received. George Nissly, the large hearted editor of the Saline Observer, has undertaken to raise a fund for the benelit of Sebastian Finkbiner, tbe man who had his hands cut off with a niower, as mentioned in the Enterprise at the time. lle is a poor man, and hisfamily ot' wit'e and children are in want. There is a heavy mortgage on his eighty acre farm and with nu hands to work with, a large doctor's bilí to pay.and a family dependent upon him, his future is anything but a bright one. Friends and readers of ttie Enterprise, if you feel that you can spare a lew dimes or dollars to help them, hand orsend them to the Enterprige and we will publish your name, with the amount, and send the money to the unfortunate man or put it into the hands of the committeo appointed to receive it and pav off the mortgage, taking their receipt therefor. Manchester Enterprise. - The charity is a needy one, and every reader of The Register should contribute a mite towards helping this unfortunate man. Ypsllantl. Rev. Thomas Wright of Fentonville spent Sunday with old friends in our city. Mrs. J. Hollis and Mrs. J. F. Nestel of Manchester spent last Saturday shopping and visiting in the city. Last Thursday our fair drew a large crowd, In spite óf the inclement weather, and the fair as a whole was a success. The Presbyterian parsonage is receiving a general new dress up preparatory tothe coming of the new parson, Rev. Marcy from Marshall. The Cleary Business College is said to have the finest office in the state. The decorationa are done in plastic by the artistic painter, Amsden. It is said that "Tully" Woodruff is to take charge of the Sentinel. He bas lots of friends here who will be glad to welcome him back to Ypsi. Among those who will attend the triennial conclave of Knights Templar at Washington will be Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Norton, and Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Carpenter. The Ypsilanti Dress Stay Co. haa reorganized into a stock company with H. P. Glover, president, 6000 abares; E. C. Bowling, vice president, 800 shares; F. C. Andrews, eecretary and treasurer, 400 shares; H. W. and C. W. Glover, 400 shares each, making $200,000 paid up capital. A fire Sunday night destroyed Mrs. L. E. Child'a barn , out of the city, she losing about $100 worth of hay and the Weston boys losing their horses, wagon, oats and other property. A subscription paper was started for the boys, and their loss will probably be made good through the liberality of friends. Webster. Saturday, the 28th of Sept, was the last day for receiving woodchuckscalps. Last week an eagle was seen spreading hia lofty pinions o'er our delightful soil. Applea are proving to be quite plentiful here, and are being sold at $1.25 and $1.50 per bbl. Ed. Alexander went to Chelsea Monday to attend the funeral of his brother Richard's child. The Webster Reading Circle enters upon ita work Friday evening,Oct. 4, at J. W. Alexander's. T. E. Boyden is now drawing wood from the 100 acres left by the lumber firm, Stringer & Co. of Delhi Mills. Mrs. Weir and daughter, the latter in the U. of M., were the guests of Miss Maude Williams the cloaing daya of last month. Last Sunday morning W. Rosier found that dogs had made their way into hia eheep herd and killed and wounded several. Thomas O'Brien haa returned from California. His brother died before he reached the aick-bed. The deceased had worked in a mine for several yeara, but finally succumbed to the miner's consumption. The remains were interred in that picturesque state. Saline. Mrs. Gilmer Townsend is very ill. Mre. George Shaw has been visiting friends at Jackssn. A good many Salinitea attended the exposition at Detroit. Misa Katie McKinnon has been on the sick list the past week. Fred Sturm left Monday for Ann Arbor to continue his studies at the Univreity. Episcopal service will re held in the Baptist church next Sunday at three o'clock p. m. A S. S. instituto was held at the Baptist church Saturday and Sunday. The male quartette added pleasantly to the services. 'Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Allen of South Lyon and Miss Fannie Duncan of Ovid, H. Y., are gueata of Mrs. Gilbert Allen and family.


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