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JAMESMËANS & CO'SmBÖOTTaNDHÖEST The best testimonial we ever had.-" James Mean s & Co. are the bears of the boot and shoe market. They have revolutiunizefl the business by making high priced goods unsalable."-Trade paper. írrJÓ1JAMES MEANS' JAMES MEANS' fï xLh'18k $3 shob f $4 shoe lm wip tW.LEDJN CANNOT..FAIL ƒ?■ Wñ E gV5TYLE UNEQUALLED t_. T0 _ " 1 Hf ss i! fo PERFECTIOM THE MOST .$L Ê B-jsê ■ JAMES MEANS' BOOTS and SHOES IlIfcQO Ril Are Unexcolled n Merit. I WZ.lJll l'ositivoly none genuino unless having our name and price !ëië$ï ' stanipe.lplainly ou the soles. Yourretailer wlll supply you with l iHÑT"" i so stampedif youinslst uponhlsdoingso; if youdo lültltlüll; flHNlEÜP not buist, sume retallers wlll coax you luto buying Inferior goods " 1 iP upou whlch they make a larRrr proflt. Ours are the original j and f JMlfefe S4 Snoes, and those who Imítate our syatem of business are unablo lS - wimmir.: ; t compete irith us in quallty of factory product. In our linea HsK? , _ r we are the largest manufacturera in ihcüulted States. -' ' 5=5 How your boy does wearout hls BlHtes! 5 ' J j Jume .Men ns' SJ sime for Boy ill outwcar any other Mlrè JÍít=WÍ r mailt. You can have lace or button. fü!iít? 1 3SlftlS #$2.50 Buys the Best Farmers' ThickBoot. p UÏ=Ü11 JAMES MEANS' Hffl QUARTER EACLE BOOT SCjl ■ A Reliable Kip Boot for Farmers. ïlÉlö 18 rÈ 10 3IÍ1U innhe ono Cent; ö& lgStW 10 Cent malii; oue Dimr; N rf 1U Dimes ninke one Dollnr; itt 8 IU lollars niiiliu oue Kagle. . is8l And with a Quarter Eagle any Farmer In the ,E!Ítg=8 ÍHsIit Country eau itow buy a bixjtthat wlll üatisfy hiiii S" sUSIPÏI Farmers have Vieen looking for such a buot for .Me? -'- a a long timeund now it lias come. S Knots nul Sliocs IVoni mr rplrbrntcil jMestfSígSíMí sfe: 5g== fiiclpry ie.Iil liy iiie-nwalie ïenil.i JSE-" 8 'sl in ii 11 parlN ol t lic countiy. ' vvill place JBIiiiyy5iMSBB-jBfeji.-Mjsfey Territory if you will 'inveirt oue ei-Dt i'u a postal "S-ir k--- Í Special Offer on ths James Meas Quarter Eagle Kip Boots for Farmers. In oniortoimmediaMydlstrünite samples of these Boots all over the eountrv we will Remi tin-m Terrltorj ;f the United States. Wewlllsend thena i.y expjwssoi bjr mail. ith all charges for trana portation todestinatlon prepuid ly oureelves, on recefpt oí regular prlee ÏO end Som ,v t In ordeno get aiwriei-mt, tak, ■ a plece of paper and place your footupon lt, then mark out the shapa of your foot, keepiug your pemil close to the fooi all the wav around Theo take tbelastboot wh.chyou won. and mark out the shapeof (hal In the same wav. Wew 11 ySaroSSr oS tht iay we rcoeive lt. 'I ike graat care to be ery accurate, and be siire (. give ns youï fuil addreis. tSwn county an.l State or Territory. If we have a dealer handllM ur go„fls in ydt r tów" wc want'vöu tri buyof hlm.ivi' do aal want you to end to us as we will not 'alertere with the dealers whoH seli our goods but we are glad tosupplï you f your dealer wlll n..t. AiyboMaad lahoe reteller orara c , , v store.fceeper ■ eau supply you with our goods If he wants to. Ijut some dealen wlll trv to -!■ 1 v"u lnferioV goods on which they make a Urger prolit than they ouaht to ask for Tn tl ,,,} o,, ,:ñ, V r 41 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. FULL LINE OP THE ABOVE GOODS FOR SALE BY L. GRUNER, 2?2L


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