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Chicago, Oct. 1. Two representativos of English syndioates left town Saturday evening after closing deals tor the purchase of gome of the best known and most remunerativo business enterprises in tha United States. The sums paid oy them before their departure swell the total expendituree oí the Engiish synUtcate for American properties to L10,000, 000, or Í50,000,000. The properties turned over to the British corporations in consideration oí this min, it was admitted by a member of the purchasing committee aud by Attorney Levy Mayer, are the following: TheBemis& McAvoy brewsiy, of Chicago; the Wacker & Birk breweries, of Chicago; the Albany brewery, of Albany, N. Y. ; the Jones brewery, of Detroit; the Hauck brewery, oí Newark, N. .1. ; the Treri brewery, of Jersey City; the United States breweries, of New Ynrlt City; a portioa of the stock of the Scuoenhofen brewery, of Chicago; the Str elevators, of Minaeapolis; the G. W. Van Dusen svstera of elevators, of Rochester, Minn.: the Curse 11 Broi'. elevator syatem, of Minnesota and DaUota; the Bultitnore brswories, of Bult more, Md. ; F. Braastad's Hancock iron mines, of Hancock. M'ch.; the Rochester breweries of Rochester, N. Y. In spite of all the denials of the purchasers it is the general supposition that the deals have been made witti an idea to íorming a gigantic trust of a large share of the breweries in the country. The elevator écheme and nour-mill project seems to have a similar tendency. A chain oí elevators from the Minnesota and Dakota wheat districts to Chicago would have an enormous influence on the grain business and would give the British syndicates immense advantages in the export trade, which they could utilize the better ior their iaciiities In using large quantities of the surplus wheat in their own flour milis at Minneapolis. Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct 1.- J. H. Bass, of this city, is said to have Bold to an English syndicate his extensive foundry and machine shops in this city, St. Louis and Chicago, toeether with Alabama iron mines, for which he refused S,000,000 a year ao.


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