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He 8 a fooi t hat praises bimself and he a madman that speaks íll of himse! . Peculiar Peculiar in comblnation, proportion. and preparation of lngredients, Hood's oarsaparllla possesces tho curative valué of the best known IJ- ! dos of the vegetable PIOOCI Skingdom. Peculiar iu its strength and economy, Hood's Sarsaparilla Ís the only medicine of which can tnily be said, " One Hundred Doses One Dollar." Peculiar in its medicinal merits, Hood's Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hitherto unknois-n, O j, Kcf n5 K 1 1 a andhas woníoroai Odpdll I Icl itscl f the tillo of "The greatest Wood puriüerever discovered." Peculiar Ín its "good name at home,"- there Is moro of Hood's Sarsaparilla sold In IiOwell than of all olher blood puiifiers. Peculiar iu lts phenonieml record of n o%1 .1 ! _ sales abroad no other rCCU II cLY preparation ever attained so rapidly nor held so steadfastly the confldence f all classes of people. Peculiar in the brain-work which it represents, üooifs Sarsaparilla combines all the knowledge whieh modern research- j.eofin medical retenes has I O IIS6IT developed, ■nith many years practical experience in preparing medicines. Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla Pold by all druggists. gl;sixfor?5. Preparedonly l.yr. I. IIOOD&CO.,Apotliecarles,LoweU, Muís. IOO Doses One Dollar


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