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Ten years ago Michael Kenny, a Jackson lawyer. was retalned by a Jackson young lady to eettle a mining claim she had in Montana. Kenny borrowed $r0, went out there, and secured $8,000 for the girl, and ihegave him tl.OOO. His íame has gone abroad, and Miss Mary Bateman has retained Kenny to prosecute her claim for flfty-flve acres of land in the heart of the city of Cleveland, O. The lady, who is a modeat and retiring young woman of twenty-three years, Raya she has proofs to show that her grandf ather, who died in 1838, left this land, then in the township of Middleborough, just out of Cleveland, but which by the growth of the placs is now in the heart of the city, to his wife and several children, with instructions in hii will that the land be held for a rise. There was, she saya, a bogus realestate deal, which in some manner cheated the rightful helrs out of their dues. The land is valued at (50,000,000 at least A MURDEROUS THIEF. He Bhnot n Muskegon !rorer and Relleves Hlin f SIM). As G. W. Grifiin, a prominent grocer ot Muskegou, was closing hls place of business the other night a Ntranger carne tn and asked for gome small artlcle. Mr. Qriffln handed hitn what be called for, and on looking up found a drawn revolver polnted at him. Tha fellow demandad hts money, and Griffln reached in his pocket to hand lt to him The thief thought he was attempting to draw a revolver on him and fired, tbe bal! taktng effect ia Griffln's neck. The man then took what money he could find, about 150 in all, and left No olew to his whcreabouta had been obtainsd. Griffin's wound was thought to be not fatal, although it was a very serious one. Burletl wlth Honon. Sol Felón, the murdered survivor of Andersonvllle prison and a veteran of the Eighty-flfth New York regiment, wan buried with full military honors ,at lron Mountain recently, Surgeon Mead, a gray-haired oíd oomrade, playing the ñfe every step of tho way to th grave side. The funeral procegsion consisted of over a quarter of a mile or carriages, and the proceedings throughout were most pathetio. Several oíd Indians who knew Sol well as an upper peninsular pioneer followed the procession sorrowfully. John L. Buell delivered an eloquent panegyric on the deceased. Reporta from Marinette jail state that Sceiglitz, the murderer, contlnued to exhibit a stoical dem - nnor. The Grjipe-Vine Tronblcfc Newton B. Tiercé, oL Ludington, wat delegated by the Secretary of Agriculture to go to California and study up the trouble withthe frrape vinea After some investigation he declares the sap of the diseased Tines to be alive with bacteria, and unies something eft'ectlvo onuld soon be done not a vine would be left The bacteria look like minute black spots, and under the microscope show a white center. A few of theni increased to thousands in a short time when placed in a bottle of warm water. _ A Vile Den at Republlc The WiPconsin authorities recently notifled Governor Luce of a ren at Kepublio, Marquette County. A woman named Addie Wilson, from there, eudeavored to induce Nellie Demorest, a 14-year-old girl, to aocoinpany her to Josepli Thorapson's place at Kepublic. The procures was arrested, acknowledged her guilt and was held for trial in default of ball. Two other girle were approached, and a man, William Birmlngham, was also arrested as the woman'l accomplice. A New Loggitig Koad. Brown & Co., the contractors who are to build the logging road from Marquette to the heart of the Dead river luinber district, ten miles north of Ishpeming, have removed their headquartcrs from Negaunee to Ishpeming. They have at present about two hundred men at work, and the number will be increased shortly. The road to be built will be nearly thirteen miles long. and will have a descent of six hundred feet In that distance. Henlth In Michigan. Reportstothe State Board of Health by fifty-two observers in different parta of the State for the week ended September 21 lndicated that inflainmation of the brain Increased. and that cholera iufantum, remittent f ver, cholera morbus, pneumonía and influenza increased in arua of preva]enoe. Diphtheria was reported at twelve places, scarlet fever at eight, typhoidfever at twenty-'.wo and me Bles at tour places. Capturad an Engle. As a passenger train thundered along nesir Alleyton, Newaygo County, the othei day a large baldheaded eagle aróse from beslde the truck and tried to fiy across the rails aheatl of the train, hut it was struck by the enjri and was Indged agalnst a cylinder heaii The engineer then wentforward and captured it. The bird measured six feet from Vip to tip across the wingg. .':i':i N'xk Bleed. A railway eng'.neer named Gabory struck a frienda blow on the nose in a frlendly sparring match rocently at Escauaba. Tha doctor told the injured man to ,ie down on bis back and the patiënt died in a few minutes, the bloo 1 from his nose dropping back Into his throat, causing strangulation. Gabory and the doctor were arrested. Short but Nwr Ttemi. Detroit, it n said, has flve hundred lawyers. Quinoy White Caps rafded a houe of 111fame the other night, using autique egg for mlssiles. 8t Ienace cools off its tramp? who refuse to work out their sentences on the streeta by Boaking them ondel a good strong tlow of water from one o; the pipes. There U a stronï movemmt under wav In the üppar Peniníuia to secure a normal ■uhool, u:'l f f'i na'ronüe of ■ 11 Btace Tiie frost h Ji.i ■ c ■nsiderabla ilamnt' i to many of cho fru ts in Southeastern Michigan. Oom has siiffered much. Thero i. a lio idlnjf off of 1 , H)J reward for tue appreuen-úun of the person who set flre to the Calumet shaft, No. 3, at the grand sixth level. November 29. 1883. At Manistee the other day fire destroyed 1,000,000 feet of lumber at Buckley & Douglas' mili and three hundred feet of docks and tramways. Loss, $125,000. The Charlevoix Manufacturing Company'a saah and door factory was totally destroyed by üre recently, wlth the adjolnimj residence of Isaao Hogan. Loss, 18,000; Insurance, 3,5U0. Benjamin Horter and H. C. Smith hare patented a gas box and valve, and already have orders for three thousand boxei and flve thousand valves. Tictor Eastman, an old soldier living; at Muskegon, took an overdose of morphtne and dled the other morning from its effect. He had a severe headache and tha poisoning was accidental


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