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Fergusons Road And Speeding Carts

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a7p. ferguson, Patentee and Sole Manufacturer of the HEADQUARTERS FOR THE FOLLOWING GOODS: FERGUSON ROAD WAGONS, OARRIAGES BUGGIES, SURREYS AND SPRING WAGONS. ALL WOStX FULLY WABBANTED. T THE FSRGUSON SPE2DING CART I Here presented haa points of excellence possessed by - Hl no other Road Cart. . The manner of attaching ■__i-? the spring to the Cart so fiFsT Jr that the weight of the perT" SM STiAí son occupying the seat A HnKi '■t-aJTpll!T!FSl comea directly over the II MrfrT jQKflT i spring, and the full weight jf I JTO JB HCS(vltt on the axle is an advant .lf Ja S HHW 1 age possessed by no other ■I NAillitBL ■■'irs!6-i and doea aw&y with 'r- a4rlPP the disagreeable "teeterjnT : - -1 -l lr'lwsv9 ing motion" so common in IV I a carts where the spring is iX] llWl attached to the shafts. l VIY SITUSH AND STBOSG. XsQjA- Kob. 47,, 51 and 53 Detral 8i.f seat UP eeady to SKI IN. Ann A.rtor, TVlich.


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