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NEW YORK REPUBLK'ANS. Sabatooa, N. Y., Sept. 26.- The Kepublican State convention yesterday nominated the following ticket: For Secretary of State, John L Oilbert, of Malone; Comptroller, Martin W. Cook, of Monroe; State Treasurer, Ira W. Hodges, of Rockland; Attorney-General, James M. Varnum, of New York; State Engineer, WiLiam P. Van Rensselaer, of Séneca; Judge of the Court of Appeals, Judge A. Haight, of Buf. falo. A synopsis of the platform ia as follows: It indorses the National Administration: reaffirms approval of the doctrines In tbe National Republican platform of 1888 of protection to American industries and labor, the fosterlag of American shlppng Interests, liberal pensions, a National Electiou law and tha puriflcaiion and elevatlon of tbe civil service, restoration of the efficiency of the postal service and the encouragement of popular educatlon and the promotion thereby of National patriotism. It denounces trusts, demands the malntenance of the canal system of the State, and criticise9 Governor Hill'i administration. It closes with a resolution favoring the location of the World' s Fair at New York City. BAY STATE REPUBLICANS. Boston, tiepb 26.- The Republiean State conventioc met In Tremont Templa Wednesday and nominated J. Q. A. Brackett for Governor, W. H. H. Haile tor Lieutenant-Governor, George A. Marden for Treasurer, Henry B. Pierce for Seeretary of State, Charles R, Ladd for Auditor, and Andxew J. Waterman for Attorney-General. The platform in brief is as follows; It commend Mr. Blaine's foreign policy and Mr. Harnson's civil-service appointments, and promises the President and the Civil-Service Commlslon support in their efforts to root out the evils of patronage in politics. It asks the Massachus':tta Con?ressmen to resist an Increase in silver colnage, to reduce the surplus, to support a thorough and equitable rev sion of the tariff so as to adapt the protectlon whlch It aflords to changed busidess conditions affectlng New EnKland Industries in common those of the rest of the country; to maintain the American system of protection to American industry; to strive to secure a National election law; to continue the just and liberal policy of the Government toward the soldiers and sailors who defended It; to give ald to sfeamshlp lines and began the building up of the merchant marine, and to vote for and support ampie appropriations for the American navy. It commends to the South toleration and educatlOD of the colored people, and promises to take 'no backward step" in temperance legislation. MISSISSIPPI REPUBLICANS. Jackson, Miss., Sept 26.- Tha Republioan State convention on Wednesday nominated General James R Chalmers for Governor, W. C. Mathison (colored), for Secretary of State and James D. Lynch (white), for Lieutenant-Governor. The convention was largely attended and much enthusiaam prevailed. The resolutions mdorsed the Administration of President Harrison and the Chicago platform; condemned the administration of the State Government, and assailed tha management of the State penltentiary. MABYXAND DEMOCRATS. Baltimore, Md., Sept. 27. - The Demooratic State convention met here Thursday and nominated L. Víctor Baughman, of Frederick County, for Comptroller, by acclamation. The platform adopted indorses the St Louis platform; denounces trusts; favo a restrictiva license; promises tha party to preserve the purity of the ballotbox and to enforce the civil and politlcal riffhts of the negro, but insista on separata schools for the white) and biack.i


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