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For Statehood

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Cheyenne, Wy. T., Sept. 27.- The Constitutioiuil conventioa Belected Cheyenne as the seat of Government for ten year, or untll a majority of the people vote achange. Grant landa may l)e sold at any time for not less than $10 per acre. The coal mine chapter favors the laborera. Educatlonal provlsiona are very liberal. The oath of office prescribed In the constitution Is extremely rigid and contemplates abolishment oí boodlc campaiijna Cheyenne, Wy. T., Sept 83. - In the Constitutional convention Saturday a resolution waü adopted which provides that no person shall be perniitted to vote, hold office or serve as a juror who is a bigamist, polygaraist, or is living in what is known aspatriarchal, plural or celestial marriage. Cheyenne, Wv. T., üct 1. - The members of the Constitutional convention sigfned the instrument Alonday ni;ht and adjourned subject to the cali of the president. November (i is submission dny. In an address the people are UTjjed to turn out and inake a good showing or population.


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