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Horseback Riding For Health

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Dr. Da 'id N. Patterson contributes to the July Outing a paper on horseback riding which has some points of real interest, lie says that for both men and women who are closely confined indoors by sedentary pursuits there is no formof exercise which imparta tone and energy to the whole physical system and at the same time gives such a wide range of mental enjoyment as horseback riding. A rider must have a genuine affection for his horse. From horse to rider in this case flows a steady current of fine magnetism. "The horse is a regular battery for the generation of animal electricity." A horse must be comfortably saddled and bridled; hisnervous, sensitice mouth must be at ease. His rider's weight must be adapted to him. Dr. Patterson remarks: With these few suggestions properly attended to, together with such others as may be prompted by experience, a uve or ten mile rielo on a clear tumrner morning cannot fail to prove au inestimable blessing. For invalids, too, horseback riding is invaluable. It will bring rest and healing to the anxious, the overtaxed and broken down. It often cures consumption in the earlier stages. If you are getting too fat, the good daily shaking up will bring your weight down. If you are too thin, and nervelessand declining, it will tone you up and ruake your muscles firin and plump. If you suffer from insomnia, it will make you sleep. If you have dyspepsia, a ten mile ride will make you feel as if you could eat nails. Best of all, it takes you into the sweet, open country. Finally: That horseback riding 3 conducive to the elevatio of good morĂ¡is and the development of the "small, sweet courtesies of Ufe" is evident to even the most casual observer. The exercise imparts a healthy tone of mind and spirit, together with a manliness and simplicity of manners. It is very rare to flnd a good horseman who is churlish and lacking in that delicate and instinctiva apprecfatioo of the f eelings of others.


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