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B. & A. Local items gathered hero and there about the store by special reporter. Dress Goods; a ton or less that never saw the retail light until this week. Colore, Weaves, Patterns, the perfection of fashion thought. Fine Dress Goods are mostly sold in patterns this season. The plain and fancy are made to match exactly and some very handsome combinations have been produced. $10.00 buys one. $18.00 buys a better one. This is a Black Goods' year. The prices íor Cashmeres and Henriettas have advanced, but those justin are at the same oíd low prices still. English Mohairs and Brilliantines are in great demand. They make nice dresses. Those who admire these goods we will give a benefit by selling them an excellent quality, 42 in ches wide, at 50c a yard. The New Broadcloths only just here, and we haven 't even whispered of their coming, but they have been lively sellers just the same. Not easy to hide such loveliness. Take this $1.00 grade. We never had a better broadcloth at any price. The weight, (iust right for ladies' dresses), the wool, the wear, the finish, are as near perfection as loom men ever get. In more than 20 shades. Over 2000 yards of the 25c all wool dress Flannels sold last week. Doubtful i f a yard oí them will see another Saturday in the store. Eighteen or more choice shades. 25c seems absurdly little for such goods. Another pointer: Imported Stripes and Plaids, every thread Wool, and in particularly pretty styles for whole suits, 50c a yard, 42 inches wide. Plenty of other Dress Goods just as worthy. Half a dozen prices to give you a hint of what we are doing in Silks : Black Rhadame, $1.00 ; our usual price, $1.25. The Black Surahs at 75c and $1 are better than we have hitherto BOld at these prices. Black Erocades are very desiiable again. 461 a yd. buys a good one. Colore d Surahs, öOo a, yd. Very good line of colore. Good quality of Surahs from $1 up. Pallies and Armures are still in favor and very cheap. A good 24 inch Plush at 81 a yd. The best quality, i 2 a yd. Narrow widths come cheaper. Some trash ia being sold at 6Oo a yd. We haven't got it. This class of goods only degrades the name of Plush. Fine Stock of Yarns. Last Winter our prices were the lowest in the city. This year they will be too. Large line of Blankets and Oomfortables at remarkable low prices. Great ualue in a Gray Blanket at $1.25 ; usual price, $2. Again we have enlarged our CiiOAK Department. We now ocoupy about the same spaoe on the eecond floor that we do on the nrst floor. It is necessary to carry a largre stock for our conetantly inoreasing trade. A eplendid stock of Children's, and Misses' Cloakp. We begin the 4 years' size at $1.60. If you expect to buy a Ohild'e Cloak, vlsit our Cloak Department before you buy and get postedcnwhat is being used this season. Ladies' Newmarkets are attractively pretty. Directoire Shapes, both tight and loose fitting with bell Sleeves. We, this season show handeome Newmarkets at $6, $8, $0 and $1O. They are all Wool and we think them much cheaper than you can buy the same elsewhere. We also show a very handsome asBortment of Short Wraps, Jackets and Sacqeue. When you get ready to buy Plushes come and examine ours. We have notbing in Stock but Lyster's & Walker's Plushes. We guarantee them to ware and give satisfaotion. We have a Sacque for $18. Por $25 we will give you a Sacque that can't be duplicated in the State. It is no doubt the best value ever ehown at the price. Our $35 and $42 Sacques are excellent values. Good Plush Jaokets at $10. All this is but an inkling, an indication of our Dry Goods treasurers. Make yourself at home in our store. Examine, look around, ask questions, you will not be importuned to buy; but of this we are eure, you will not seek to go elsewhere for anything you want


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