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Do not fail to read J. T. Jacobs & Co's advertisement in this weeks paper. Triemiial Conclave Knights Templar Excursión to Washington via K. o. ' The twenty-fourth triennial conclave o Kniahts Templar of the U. S., will be held at Washington, D. 0., October 7 to 12 Tuesday, October 8, the parade of Templa Knights (rom all parts of the U. S takes place, and on other days competitive drills the whole forming a series of entertainment--, memorable in Templar hietory, its pageaniry recalling the days of chiva'ry. The Baltimore and Ohio railroad wil geil excursión tickets to Washington and Baltimore at one limited first c'ass fare for the round trip October 4, 5, 6, valid for going passage t ) October 8, and for return passage to October 31, inclusive. Tiakeis may be procured for return passage via Pbiladelphia by the payment of frur dol1 is, and for return via New York by the payment of ten dollars additional. Stap over privileges will be allowed at all prominent points within the limit of the tickets. If you intend going east for pleasure or business, parchase your ticket via ihe picturesque B. & O., see the Alleghenies clothed in her gorgeous autumnal tints, and visit the cities ot' Pittsburg, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York, all on the same ticket. For time ot train?, sleeping car berths and other information, cali on B. & O. ticket agents. Fall Millinery openmg, Randall's, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5. Everybody iüvked. Miller fc Sons' English Hat at The Two Sams. A CARD As certain interested persons have spread a report through a number of townshipe that we have discontinued the purehase a:id milling of coarse graius, we take this means of saying to our fsrmer Iriends ihat the report is wholly untrue. Our inill contains a more complete equipinent tor the manufac'.ure of producís ot' Oftts, corn, buckwheat and rye than has ever beon posessed by any other Washtenaw mili. It is in the best of order and will be run as heretofore, doirg ürst-class work at all times. We are also ia maiket for wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, oats and corn at all times. Those needing coarse grain or f'eed will find a full supply at reasonable prices at the Central Mills. 71 ALLMENDINGER & SoiINEIDEB. Free. The 6nest line of Overcoats for fall wear The Two Sams are showing. On Mond&y, Ojt. 14, beginnina at 10 o'clock . m., Leonard Bassett will sell at public auction .n his farm on the Ann Arbor road one mile north of' Siline, all the personal properly, including stock, farm implements of every description, and 76 merino gheep registered in the Vermont registry. 71 Youman's I lata at The Tvo Sams. Fall Millinery opening at Randall's, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5. Everybody invited. Cali at The Two Sms for a Bradbury Encyclopedia free. Read advertisment. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10 ets., 50 ets., and $1. Sold by Eberbach & Son. W. S. Huntington says railroads will soou make ICO miles per hour. Enjoy your little while the fooi is seeking for more. Teacher of Music ! REUBEN H. KEMPF, INSTRUCTOR IN PIANO AND ORGAN PLAYINO-, as ni i int v of ai sic. - The Stuttgart, Lrbert and Stark system of Piano-forte playing. - Scholars may enter any time. The beginning of their quarter begins with the first Lesson they take. - No deduction can be made for absence of Lessons except in case of illness. Office and Residence, 22 S. División Street. rirn.s of iss. Allen, Miss Marian Ann Arbor Allen, Mr. Frank _ " Allmendlnger, Mr. Herman " " Brown. Miss Ray „„ " " Beek, Miss Emma " " Beardsell, Mr. Arthur Adrián Mich Burrows, Miss Nelie Morris, III. Blaess, Miss Emma _ Ann Arbor Blaess, Miss Marie m " " Condón, Miss Lydia " " Coldon, Miss H.S „..Calumet. Mich Durheim, Miss Ruth Ann Arbor De Frieze. Miss Helen „._ " " Dunlap, Miss May Whitmoro Lake Eberback, Mssb Emlly Ann Arbor Kberbach MissOttilie " " Harp. Miss Cornelia " " Frothlnghsm, Miss Anna „ " " Frothingham, Mr. Willie.._ " " Gwinner, Mi.-s Emma " ' Haller, Miss Katie " Henley, Miss Niua ' " Hamel, Miss " Hfnsdale, Miss Mlldred .'...'.".'.'. " Hicks, Miss Maud Ann Arbor Jenkins, M Flint, Mich. Koch, " Flora Ann Arbor Keuipf, " Myrta Chelsea, Mich. Kerr, " Mary L Ann Arbor Lauheneaycr. Miss Olga " Murdock. Miss Dexter, Mich. Mc lmore, Miss Chrissey Galvestone, Texas Mann, Miss I„ida „ Ann Arbor Noble, Miss Editli ' Norris. Miss Geria...... ' Pomroy, Miss Louis Calumet, Mich. Phelps. Miss Clara Dexter, Mich. Root, MissMlgnon Ann Arbor Root, Miss Alice „ " Roehm. Miss Miunie ...........' " " Richards, Miss Jennie Caïumet Mich. Kane, Min Ania - Whitmore Ike bouthmayd Miss Lulu Ann Arbor Schumacher, Mr. Phil.... ' Sipley, Miss Mae LanEin, Mich. Schairer, Mre. D. F Ann Arbor Saundera, MiisE Thompson. Miss Ethel . . - Van Aredale, Mifs Maud '..'.".'. " " Vaughn, Mr. Clarence " Watrons, Miss i-.,,,,, VVhitlarkMn. ZZZZZjSZiSSZ y.M' Mr. C Blumington, 111, Zimmerman, Mr. K Helena, Montana


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