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Real Estate Transfers

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Choimcey Brauch to John Stoll, Arm Arbor 275 J. ; Knowltnn to Alumni Society of Mi-hiKaniniverf.ity.Ann Arhor 1 Alumni Society of Michigan Uuiversity to Mary Motley, Ann Arb r 4 700 Williani E. Bell to James Cosgrove, Ypsilanti 1.2Í0 Peter Guiñan to Jeremiah Walsh, Freedom 1.9C0 David w. Hitcheock to James A. mar, York 400 Jobn Stoll to William Weinmaun, Aun Arbor "8 W II ('ulvTto Auna M. Alchin, York... 1 M. L. and F. E. Holcomb to W. H. Culver, York 8,r00 W. H. ( ulver to C. E Oulver, York 5,000 W. H. Culver to E. a. Culver. York 6(J0 L K. Tubos to Mary .T. Tubba. Dexter 800 L. D. Norris to Cily ot' Ypsüanti, Ypsilanti '50 John Staebler to Cbelsea Savings Bank, Manche ter 3,550 Minnie K Howlay to Julia A. Smlth, Ann Albor 1 Gi-nrire Kosier to C. D. and L. B. Rosier, Dexter 1 Julia A. Street to M. A. I.ukins, Ann Arbor 1.M0 James L. Mitchell, by adm., to A. B. Mitchell. I.ima 8.000 A H. Mitchell to Martha Mitchell. Lima... 2,010 Maria H. Hixon lo John Hailaday, Bridgewater 5 Helen Hixou to John Hailaday, Bridgewater 1,000 H. G. Warren toF. B. Warren, Salem 500 S. A. Woort to Hiram Murkham, Augusta $ 375 Hiram Markham to Joseph E. EUis, Augusta 115 P. and G. Mott to O E. Thompson et al. Ypsilanti 5n0 Mary A. Klapp to Margaret Hochstadt, Ypsüanti 1 John Klapp to Margaret Hochstádt, Ypsi lanti 1000 Jabez Montgomery to Francis E Chapin, Ann Arbor 1500 W. W. Kelsey to EDhlm Eddy, York 1100 Charles G. Kilpalrick to Henry P. Glover, YpslJantl oio Michael Wade to George P. Glazler, Sharon _ 1 A. T and G. M. Woodford to James P. Woodford, Ypsilanti 1500 Frank steffev to Charles H. Steffey, Ann Arbor 1 Chas. H. Stefley to Gottlieb laulbach, Ann Arbor 550 Gottlieb Maulbach to Regenta of Michigan Univerity, Ann Arbor 850 Mary J. L-iveland to Regenta of Michigan Uuiversity, Ann Aröor 400