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The Lucky Winners

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Tee drawing of the New Tear's gift?, offered by J. T. Jacobs & Co. to their customerp, waB held at the Armory yesterday atternoon. The hall contained fully 500 eople who were to particípate in the rawing, when J. T. Jacobs called the athering to order at two o'clock and urned the details ot the drawing over to the meeting. W. W. Watts was chosen as chairman, and Geo. Dengler and E. Dieterle as secretarie. M. C. LeBeau, S. W. Millard and Oeorge Foster were appointed a commhtee to take charge of the drawing. It was decided that the f)Oïh number drawn should take the sewing machine, the lOOtn the harness, the 150th the s'tove, and the 200th the organ. The committee put the duolicate tickets, nearly 16,000 in number, into a churn, from which they were drawn by a blindfolded boy. The tickets drawing the prizes were : Sewing machine, No. 8064 ; harness, No. J2,371; stove, No. 13,365 ; organ, No. 14,028. The holder of the ticket winning the stove was H. F. Babcock, a medical student, and Adolph Mogk, son of Angust Moek, held the ticket which drew the harness. The holders of the other winning tickets have not yet made themaelves known, but the articles drawn await them at the store. The drawing was conducted in a fair and impartial manner, and the meeting closed with three cheers for J. T. Jacobs & Co. and their New Year'a presents.


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