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Pinckney now has street lighta. Stockbride wants less mud or better ■treet crossings. A Unadilla farmer named Jamieson ü8 lost his barn by fire. The Peninsular paper m lis at Ypsllantthad a $5,000 fire Saturday night. T. Wilkinson was elected " master workman" of the Chelsea A. O. U. W. A local entertainment at the town hall at Chelsea last Thursday realized $200. A " Merchante' Carnival " is to be given at Dexter Tuesday evening Jannary 21. Congressman Allen and his wife pent Christma8 with the latter'smothr in Sharon. Geo. W. Axtell of Howell has been ppointed one of the door keepers of the House of Representatives. The wind last week blew down two smoke stacks at Dundee - at the paper mili and at the stave mili. E. N. Ball of Hamburg has been reelected secretary of the Michigan Meriao Sheep Breeders' Association. The Dundee depot of the T. & A. A. railroad has been repaired and fixed op, so that it is now quite a depot. The Italian contingent that has been working on the Michigan Central at Dexter has moved back to Detroit. Stansell Post G. A. R. has presented U. S. flap to the South Lyon union school, which was dedicated last week. Ypsilanti and Pittsfield townships have a joint literary society. They think one good society is better than two poor ones. Mrs. Huida Monroe of Lodi celebratd her 84th birthday on Dec. 21 by at family reunión. She settled in that iownship in 1836. The house of F. E. Ortenburger in Bridgewater caught flre from a gasoline stove last week, but was extinguished before doing much damage. Dr. F. H. Bates of Stockbridge carne near passing to the other shore by the '■'accidental suicide" route recently, taking an ounce of aconite bv mistake. A debating society at Dexter did not meet with public favor, but a proposition to organizo a social club brought out all the young people in the village. The first fire alarm in a year and a half was sounded at South Lyon Dec. 20. It wasn't much of a fire either, only a burning chimney at the Whipple House. The installation of officers of Stockbridge Lodge F. & A. M. was held at Christ's church last Friday evening. Bev. T. W. McLane of Bay City delivered an address. C. J. VanEvery of Manchester and Miss Caro Van Fleet of Bronson, started with the new year to share their lot together. They were married at Bronson Tuesday evening. The Stockbridge school has 149 scholars and four teachers. This makes 37 scholars to each teacher, with one odd one who keeps all the teachers busy looking after him. Robert Fowler and Helen E. Corbett were married at Ypsilanti Dec. 24, a peculiar coincidence being that the day was the anniversary of the wedding of the parents of both. At a meeting held at Whittaker last Sunday, over $400 was subBcribed towards paying off the debt on the new church. In the evening the church was formally dedicated. James McMahon, one of the proprietors of McMahon's circus, was a visitor at Manchester, his old home, last week. The circus named is one of the most successfulon the road. The H. S. W. R. M. F. C. Club of Chelsea will give a social dance at the town hall New Years eve. Dec. 31, 1889. - Chelsea Herald. A club with such a name as this should be abie to make a success of anything. Wm. Davis of York, 91 years old, has a pork barrel which he brought to the state from New York full of pork sixty years ago and has had it filled every year since. May he fill and empty it for many years yet.- Ypsilantian. The S. W. Farmers' Club discusses the question to-morrow: " What preparations can be made to meet the effects of s drought. Good time to think of such a thing when the rain has been putting ineight hours every day fora month. James Surridge, who moved from Miian to the wilds of Idaho about twelve years ago has been visiting his former friends at the "Electric Sugar " village. He is one of the owners of a small farm of 1,620 acres and lives 100 miles from a railroad. A savings bank has been organized at Milan to succeed the banking house of Barnes & Co. The new institution has $25,000 capital stock. The officers elected are: M. Barnes, president; W. H. Whitmarsh, vice-president ; T. W. Barnes, cashier. The Ypsilantian figures out that 234,675 has been spent in that city for improvements during the past year. Keep ït mum. The county supervisors are watching for jast such items to give them an excuse for "boosting" the asaessed valuation of the cities. Brother Emmert of the Chelsea Staniard and also proprietor of a grocery store in that village, is accused of charging excessive advertising rates to a rival and "freezing him out" of the columns of the Standard. He denies the oharge and will wager that it isn't true. Claude Luxmore of Grass Lake is a school teacher who was anxious to get home to see his best girl last week Sunday. He caught on a freight train that didn't stop at Grass Lake. Claude stopped, but the stop was so sudden that he hasn't recovered from the shock yet. Manchester turns the cold shoulder an tramps. Three of them wanted to sleep in the pge lockup the other night, and -Tire accommodated, but when two of them insisted on having a fire built in their rooms, the night watchman could not stand it and turnad them out. Supervisor Dansingburg of Augusta efrove his horse off the end of a bridge down in the muddy township one dark night last week. He was not injured, but when the long supervisor untangled bimself he concluded that it would be e&sier to walk home than to stop and fix up the wreek. A Chelsea merchant has had a jar of beanson exhibition whieh has caused considerable excitement in that town, where nearly everybody had a guess registered on the number of beans it contained. The beans were counted last week, there being 10,681. Ed. Moore carne the nearest to this number and won the first prize. Thursday evening last.about 10 o'clock people in the vicinity of E. E. Shaver's residence were surprised to hear the band play, but none were more surprised than Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Shaver. as the musicwas in the front of their house, and when they opened the door about 70 persons walked in, it being the lOth anniversary of their marriage.


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