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The frontispiece of the Magazine of Art for January is an etching by Leopold Flameng of Meissonier's famous painting, "The Halt." M. Flameng is one of the best of living etchers, and this is an admirable ezample of his work. The opening paper is most appropriate to the season. It is on ''The Nativity of our Lord," as depicted in the National Gallery. Eeproductions are giyen from the paintings of Fra Angellico, Botticelli, Rembrandt. and the early Flemish school. Following this comes an " In Memoriam" of Jules Dupré, by Ernest Chesneau. We are gi ven the concluding "Stroll through the Peabody Museum at Cambridge, Massachusetts, by S. R. Koehler, accompanied by a portrait of George Peabody. "Hope Nursing Love " is a page picture after Sir Joshua, and then we come to a biographical and critical sketch of Cari Haag, by Frederick Wedmore. "Wild Wales" is the subject of a well illu8trated paper, and then we are told "Whata Memorial Window Should Be." The notes are full and comprehensive, and keep the reader well posted ia the art news of the world. [Cassell & Company, Limited, New York, 35 cents a number, $3.50 a year in advance.] This is a splendid number of Cassell's Family Magazine that ushers in the new year. In the flrst place there is a frontispiece printed in delicate fawn color, called "The Bridesmaids,'1 and there are the opening chapters of three seriáis which give unusual promise of the interest to come. In the way of descriptive articles we have " The Artistic Aspect of Railways;" " American Farming for Woman." illustrated bv Dellenbaugh ; and "A wonder of the North," the famous Forth bridge, which the North British Railway Company have undertaken to build aross the Frith of Forth. There are a batch of recipes, and a word with the Family Doctor on the subject of invalids' diet. Then there are the fashion letters from London and Paris; anda 'Gatherer," filled with practical information. [Cassell & Company, Limited, 15 cents a number, $1.50 per year in advance.] The December Book Buyer is unusually attractive, with its Í43 pages, its colored covers and its beautiful illustrations. It contains a review of Du Chaillu's picture of the Viking Age by Hjalmar H. Boyensen; a review of Quiet Life,by Mary Hallock Foote, and Christmas Giving, by Margaret Deland, besides numerous book notices and other reviews. [$1.00 a year, Chas. Scribner's Sons, New York.] Mrs. Eysteris'delightful story, "A Colonial Boy," which so deftly mixes up history and adventure that one scarcely knows where to draw the dividing line, proved so popular as to compel the publisher to issue a second edition even before the holiday rush set in. [D. Lothrop & Co., Boston.] The December Atlantic is, as usual, excellent. It opens with a descriptive paper on "The Old Bunch of Grapes Tavern,"by Edwin L. Bynner; Bradford Torrey describes "December Out of Doors. " Hope Notnor has a historical article on "The Nieces of Mazerin II., while Henry Van Brunt tells us of " Architecture in the West. " " Delphi; The Locality and its Legends, " is a paper by William C. Lawton. This is followed by "Border Warfare of ;the Revolution," by John Fiske; "School Vacation, " by N. S. Shaler ; " Latin and Saxon America, " by Albert G. Browne; " The Later Years of Wm. Lloyd Garrison, " "The Century Dictionary," "Contributor's Club," etc. Besides these, there aresome Lyrics by Aldrich, and continued stories by Henry James and Edwin Bynner. [Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston. Price, $4.00 per year.] The December Cosmopolitan is a profusely iiiuatrated number, only two articles are without cuts. "Child-faces Christmas Morning," the opening paper, is very suggestive of the season. "Kansas City," is a descriptive article by Earnest Ingersoll and another descriptive one follows on the "Capital of the Dragoon's Empire, " by Frank G. Carpenter. Wm. W. Astor discusses " New York Candidacy for the World's Fair" and Irving Bacheller tells us in one ot the field papers about " The Turners of New York." Then follows "Fur Bearers and Fur Wearers," by A. L. Belden; "The Art Socialists of London," by Mary B. Ford; " Literary Washington," byElizabeth A.Tompkins; "The Flower Market of New York," by Elizabeth Bisland and "Betty ; Last Century Love Story, " by Anna V. Dorsey, complete in this number. [The Cosmopolitan, New York. Price $2.40 a year.]


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