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Dangerous Influenza

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New York, Pee. 80.- The mortaUty reports at sanitary headquarters indícate that the prevailing epidemie of influenza is dangerous to life. Although there has been no report of a death from influenza, there has been a marked increase in the deaths, from bronchial troubles, and it is not unlikely that the influenza has been a contributing causo. There were 7(a deaths in the city last week, and G(35 deaths in the previous week. An increase of nearly 100 deaths in the city in a week is. remarkable enough to attract attention at any time. Consumption and pneumonia, two diseases which are readily aggravated by influenza, have caused an increase of eighty-six deaths in the single week. Unofficially representatives of the health department say that probably 50,000 people in New York are suffering from more or less severe attaeks of influenza. In all there are eighty-one mpmbers of the Brooklyn pólice forcé suffering from the "grippe." Thirteen. Staten Island policeman and 200 other people there have the grippe. There are 1,500 oases of influenza in Newark, N. J. PinxADEi.niiA, Dec. 30. - A prominent physician of this city said yesterday that there were fully 25,000 persons now being treated for influenza. Thus far but one death is directly traceable to influenza. Chicago, Deo. 30.- Mrs. Julia A. Ingalls, aged 72, died in this city yesterday from what is alleged to be "la grippe," or Russian influenza. A largo number of other cases are reported by locil physicians, but none of them are serious. Pakis, Deo. 30. - The influenza is still pursuing its course in Europe. In this city the scare continúes, and the alarming increase in the death rate, which jumped from 120 per day to 586, is attributed to the epidemie. In Monte Cario the epidemie is so bad that gambling has stopped. The Kinfj of Portugal is still in the grip of influenza. The condition of Minister Freycinet, of France, a victim of the grippe, haa changed for the worse. In Berlin the epidemie is also raging. Over 200 operators in a firearms factory are down with influenza. In Stockholm, Sweden, the reports are as bad. Colder weather has set in, though, in Europe, and the doctors hope for a speedy cessation of the epidemie.


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