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A fouk-t,egokd chioken is a Wymore, Neb., curiosity. A cow that always gives two calves at a birth is owned at Kennett, Pa. Nixe ears of corn grew in a bunch on a single stalk on the farm of John Wambaugh near York. A Wheelino (W. Va.) man caught a mouse with four ears in a trap in his store the other day. A Paoi.i (Pa.) oalf with flve legs has a harder time to get along than a Doylestown pig with only three. Saxtlt Stk. Maiuk has a cat which has se ven kgs and eight paws, with one head, three distinct jaws, and to complete the combination it has two tails. A kemakkabi.e sweet sugar pumpkin was raised on a farm in Stoneham, Mass. It was a "twin," two well-rounded, large-sized pumpkins being joinod by Bkinand bystem, the weight being nineteen pounds. Yokk CoujfTY, Pa., has an interesting freak of nature. It consists of six ears of corn grown together, something after the manner of the Siamese twins, from one stem. For about two inches from the stem the ears are all joined together as one ear. Above that point they branch out into five distinct ears. In Dublin, a small town in Laurens County, Ga., there Uves a blue man. He is a Caucasian, but instead of being white is a greenish blue, and is known as "Blue Billy." His whole skin is blue, hls tongue and the roof of his mouth are blue, and where his eyes should be white is seen the same blue color. A farmkr living about three miles southeast of Akron has a hen which occasionally lays an egg of solid shell throughout, usually after none of any kind have been laid for several days. Six of those curiosities have already been secured. They are so hard that they can be thrown smartly against a wall without any visible effect. A man thirty years oíd, with no hair on his head, no whiskers onhis face and no oyebrows, is under treatment in a St. Louis hospital. He comes from Texas and claims to have boen hairless from bis birth. He has been married once, and another Lone Star belle has agreed to become his bride if the defects in his make-up can be remedied. That is why he put himself in the doctor's hands. Two MiLD-EYEn, pink-nosed, bawling oalves are creating considerable of a senBation among the curious people oí South Minneapolis. The calves are twins, about three months old, and they have only six legs between them. One of the creatures is without a fore-leg, and the other is minus a hind-leg, but they are pretty little animáis and hop about as briskly as you please, apparently not understanding that nature had cheated them out of one of the legs that are the due of every well-regulated calí.


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