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Reporta to the State Board of Health by forty-seven observers in different parte of the State for the week ended Decembes 21 indicated that cerebrospinal meningitis, membranous oroup and scarlet fever increased, and inflammation of the brain, cholera infantum, cholera morbus, diarrhea, dysentery, erysípelas, typho-malarial fever, inflammation of the kidneys and puerperal fever decreased in área of prevalence. Dlphtheria was reported at twenty-nino places, scarlet fever at twonty-flve, typhoid fever at twenty-one, measles at eight and small-pox at Muskegon. Clalma Valuable Land. Henry Caby, whose real name is Kishka-ko, Uves in Arenac County, is a greatgrandson of an Indian chief of the samo name, and he sets up a claim that in 1819 his royal ancestor was, by treaty with the Government, given sections 28 and 29, on which the most valuable part of Bay City stands, and now his lawyers propose to get the land for him or jfet the money value thereof. It is alleged that the treaty records show no furth'er dlsposition of the land has ever been authorized since the treaty of 1819. The Short-Horn Breeders. The Michigan Short-horn Breeders at their recent meeting in Langing elected the following offlcers: President, John McKay, of Romeo; Vice-President, W. E. Boyden, of Delhi Mills; Seeretary, J. H. Butterfield, of Lapeer; Treasurer, Robert Gibbons, of Detroit; Directors, C. F. Moore of St Clair, George Stuart of Grand Blanc and John C. Sharp of Jackson. The Merino Sheep-Brceders. The Michigan Merino Sheep-Breeders' Assooiation held its annual meeting in Lansing recently and officers were elected for the ensuing year as follows: President, John T. Rich, of Alba; VicePresident, G. W. Stuart, of Grand Blanc; Secretary, E. N. Ball, of Hamburg; Treasurer, J. Evart Smith, of Ypsilanti. Short but SewnT Item. It is stated that an Engliah syndicate is now buying up the saw milis in this State. A report from East Solón says that a little son of E. Manbeck cut off his baby brother's head recently while playing with a dull axe. Mrs. Mary A. Presley, of St Clair County, captured the seventh prtie in the Rural New Yorker's National potato contest. Lottie Lumbar has secured a verdict against the city of East Tawas for $3,5K All on account of defective side walk. The farm house of Samuel Cochran, of North Leslie, was burned the other night with all its contents, the family barely escaping alive. The total value of the apple erop In Michigan this year is placed at 26, 000,000 by those who ought to know. Harvey McKenna, the well-known phenomenal billiard playr of Detroit, died at a New York hospital the other day of consumption. The village of Oxford must pay $1,000 and costs because Mr. Miles feil and hurt himself on an icy sidewalk there. The Petoskey Business Men's Association have figured out that the pleasure resorters leave 8500,000 in that región every season. A Michigan Southern train ran into a delivery wagon in Detroit reoently and killed the driver, David Moshier, and team of two horses. Moshier was sixtyfive years oíd and leaves a widow. The post-office safe at Williamston was blown open the other night and robbed of its contents. The body of an unknown man was found on the beaoh two miles north of Frankfort the other day. He was supposed to have been washed overboard from the barge Arcadia two months ago. The mark "E. F." was on the left arm in India ink. Barry County has twenty-three lodges of the Patrons of Industry. Mrs. Achley, the Big Rapids woman arrested recently for shoplifting, has confessed to a long list of depreda tions. Detroit has raised the 810,000 necessary to secure its ball team for next year, and the base-ballists are happy. John Bradley, an inmate of the Old Soldiers' Home at Grand Rapids, feil from a window of the homo the other day and was killed. B. Van Raalte, a Holland dealer in farming implements, was forced to the wall recently. The liabilities were $20,000; estimated assets, 815,000. While skating the other night on Portage lake, opposite Hancock, Edmond Haskins broke through the ice and was drowned. A green milk-ticket feil into the teapot from which Dr. and Mrs. Best, of Detroit, were taking their supplies recently, and the arsenio from it made them seriously ill. Franci3 Christian, of Bluffton, near Muskegon, was one hundred years old the other day. Congressman Wheeler, of Bay City, recently made his 700 employés happy by distributing 175 barrels of flour among them. Reed City has voted to bonus a chair factory 81,000 worth and a hame-making institution is to reoeive the same aznount. William Day, of Fort township, Mecosta County, was severely pounded by Charles Rogers several days ago and became insane from the effects of his injuries. Michigan has expended about 84,000 during the past year for the purpose of investigating the meteorology and displaying the storm signáis of the State. Michael Fitzgerald, of Bay City, had his neck broken by a log falling upon him thirty days ago. The man refused to undergo any operation, insisting that he was not seriously hurt, but he died the other day. Charles Brearley, convictod at Grand Rapids of manslaughtor in conjunction with Emil (ia-ch for the killing of Deputy Sheriff Dan Sinclair, was recently given twelve yoars in Jackson at hard labor.


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