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The University opene Tuefday. Thechools begin sgain next Monday. There have been 48 fire alarms during the past year. Two ldies were beptized at the Baptist churcb, Sunday evening. The New Year was ushered in by one of the heaviest rain-storms of the season. The hop given by Oompany A on New Year's evewas attended by a large crowd. Mrs. Dr. Dunster has been granted a pension, if the Washington dispatches are correct. The C. L. S. C. post gradúate cirole met with Mrs. C. O. Darling, Tuesday evening. The mechanical department of the University had just received a Rider hot air pumping engine. Chfford A., the four-year oíd son of E. P. and Mary Cook, of First-st, died last Thursday of cronp. Francés, the wite of Richard Nowland, of Ann Arhor town, died Sunday, of cancer, sged 49 years. What a fleeting shadow 'tis to be great. The Stockbridge Sun speaks of the wife of "Prof." Angelí. Louis J. Liesemer of the Washtenaw Post is gick with a Bevere attack of maaraial fever and sleeplessness. The temperance meeting at Cropsey's lall next Sunday afternoon, will be addressed by Prof. W. S. Perry. The fire alarm Sunday afternoon was caused bv a burning chimney at the house of Isaac Reynolds, on Mann-8t. The auction sale of Hunt'a hardware stock was pctponed from Tuesday to Friday afternoon at four o'clock. Yesterday beingthe feast of the circumcision of Christ. Services were held at St. Andrew's church at nine o'clock. Yesterday was the day for "swearing, off" all bad habits. Today sees most of the good resolutions broken. The mercury registered 66 degrees above zero Sunday noon. Think of ihat "for one of your hard Michigan winters." Tbe annual meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Company, will be held at the court house next Wednesday. At the city treasurer's office Monday $10,716 f8 were received for taxes - the largest amount ever received in a single day. The Cnriscmas blizzard promised did not arrive on time, but the weather Sunday night had the appearance of a cyclone. The Register is in receipt of a beautiful calender from the Log Cabin Stock Farm, of which Hon. T. W. Palmer is proprietor. The subject of Dr. Studley's diseourse next Sunaay eveuing at the Methodist church will be, "Looking Backward and Going Forward." G-eorge Sweet, formerly of this city, has been promoted to general train dispatcher of the Cincinnati, Jjackson and Mackinaw R. R. Judge Kinne granted a'decree Monday dissolving the Saline Manufacturing Co., on petition of Andrew J. Warren, one of the 8tockholders. It costs one per cent. more to pay your taxes than it did last month. Still another per cent. will be added if the tax is not paid this month. There ia a case of scarlet fever in the Tappan school building, one of the children of Wm. Cleaver, the janitor, being sick with this disease. Dr. and Mre. U. D. Billmyer, nee Wallace of Chattanooga, Tenn., formerly of this city, are the happy parents of a daujfhter, born last week. Nelson Hill died at his home on Northgt., Saturday, of consumption. He was 48 years and six months oíd, and leaves a wife aad geveral children. President Angelí was elected second vice president of the American Historical S ciety, which closed its annual session at Washington on Tuesday. M. J. Fanning one of the most popular temperance apostles in the country, gave an interesting lecture on that subject at the Baptist church, Monday evening. Mre. Mary C. Whiting is the donor of a library to the Thompson Memorial M. E. Sunday school at Stony Creek, a gift which the members are greatly pleased witb. A bilí has been filed by Mahalia A. Hinkley, acting as best friend for her daughter Minnie Hartung, asking that the latter be granted a divorce from Frederic Hartung. Ypsilanti has an old cemetery which it is thought can be put to better use, and on Monday Judge Kinne granted an order Tacating the cemetery, on petition of the common council of Ypsilanti. Rozalia I. Lovejoy was granted a divorce from Everett L. Lovejoy by Judge Kinne, Tuesday, on the charge of failure to support, the testimony being taken beforè Oommissioner McKernan. Lois lodge, D. of R., has elected the followirg officers.: N. G. -Mrs. D. C. Fall. V. G.- Mrs. N. B Covert. Bec- Miss Ida Jobnston. Representative to Grand Lodgc- Mre. F. Underwood. AVhile J. T. Jacobs was at Washington recently, Senator MeMillan autorized him to subscribe $100 for bim to the "gym." fund. Follawing so closely upon the magnificent gift of the same gectleman to the Tappan Guild in thia city, this donation js another evidence oi Senator McMillan's liberalify and interest in tíniversity affairs. _ Fayette Green, a brother of M. M Green of this city, died at Washington, D. C, on Christmas eve., aged 48 years. He was buried at Arlington Heights on Thorsday, under the auspioes of the G. A. R. Charles L. Perrin has been bound over to the circuit court, by Justice Griffin of Yp8ilanti for trial, on the charge of breaking into the echool house in Superior, and Btealing a clock belonging to the school ma'am. _____ . The Oddfellows give another of their socials under the auspices of the Daughtpra of Rebecca, Wednesday evening, Jan. 15, at their hall over Jacoos & Oo's store. All Oddfellows in the city are cordialy invited to attend. The address pon Japan, which was delivered by Dr. Studley last Sunday eveniner, was one of the flnest in his course. The Japanese students in the city attended in a body and were greatly interested in the address. Herman Gundert, Nathaniel Stanger, J. A. C. Hildner, L. Hildaer and Sirnon Dieterle of this city went to Detroit last evening, and took part in a concert (fiven by the Young Men's Society of St. Paul's Germán church. Ann Arbor has been trving to keep up with the fashion and records several cases of "la grippe" during the past week, but the physicians spoil the effort and pronounce the cases nothing but common, ordinary epizootic. During the month of December the receipts for taxes at the city treasurer's office amounted to $52.175 95, as folio ws: General taxes, $51,945 46; do? taxes, $154; special sidewalk tsxes, $76.46. This leaves about $23,000 süll to be collected. Anvils and guns were fired about different parts of the city, shortly after mifinisht Tuesday to annouuce the advent of 1890. About a hundred rounds were fired by the members of Company A from the balcony in front of their armory. One of the large chimreyson the Psi TJpsilon fraternity house was blown down durina; the wind storm Sunday afternoon. The slate roof was broken badly by the falllng bricks, and the shower made it dangerous in that vicinity for a short time. The examination of Tessmer, Andrés, Morrison, Bailey and Brown, for the assault on Wm. Feldhaeser, was to have been held before Justice Pond, Monday, but was postponed for two weeks on account of the illness of the prosecutiDg attorney. Prof. M. E. Cooley has recently received an application irom the Chicago and St. Paul railroad to furnish two mechanical engineers for their system. As the gradates of this school are in such great demand, it was impossible to comply with the request. The children of St. Andrew's Sunday School were given a Chritmas festival at Hobart Hall, last Thursday afternoon. The rector made a short address, alter which eech child received a present from the heavily laden Christmag tree which stood in the halL The Allmendinger Piano and Orgau Co. had a contract to furnish a new organ to St. Thomas' church lat week, which was only donp, by Mr. AllmendiDger working all night Christmas eve, and delivering the organ as per agreement, at four o'clock Thursday morning. David Horton, father of Mrs. Judge Cooley, met with a painful and serious accident Monday afternoon. He went to sit down on a chair, but missing the chair he feil heavily to the floor, breaking his hip. Drs. Nancrede and Vaughan were called and attended the patiënt. At the meeting of the American Historical Society at Washington Tuesday, President Adams, formerly of this city, paid a neat compliment to the aged Geo. Bancroft, the great American historian, resigning his chair to him and inviting him to preside over the meeling for the time. Mrs. John Wahr died yesterday morning at her home in the second ward, after eeveral months illnesg. She had been marriedjust five years to a day, andleave a husband and two children. The funeral will be held at the house Friday morning st ten o'clock, the remains being taken to Saline for burial. The annual reunión of the family of the late J. G. Leiand was held at the residence of H. Laraway in Northfield, on Christmas day. This was a custom started by Mr. Leiand thirty or forty years ago, of gathering iis family together once each year, and has been continued by his descendants since his deatb. A quiet home wedding took place Monday atternoon Dec. 23rd at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Carpenter, the contracting parties being Mr. Will. E. Ryan, law '89, junior editor of the Allegan Democrat and Miss Ella M. Brush of this city. They will be at home to their friends in Allegan after to day. The Commercial is laughing at numerous county papers, among them being one published in this city, for copying a fifty year old fake regarding the Ypsilanti and Tecumseh railroad, from the Ypsilantian. That railroad is as near completion as it was half a century ago, and the prospects for its being built are just about as good. The articles of incorporation ol the Farmers' and Mechanica' Bank of Milan have been filed at the county clerk's office. The capital stock is $25,000 the stockholders being Mell Barnes, T. W. Barnes, W. H. Whitmarsh, O. A. Kelley, W. H. Hack, R. C. Allen, H. P. Thompson, W. C. Reeves, B. F. Gooding, A. Bond and W. J. Barnes. Fred, one of the fire department horses, ha been gick during the past week, with inflammation of the bowels His reeovery was doubtful for a time, but he is now much better and will be ready for a "run " in a few days. It was piteous to see him when he was the sickegt whenever the telephone bell rBng. He would etruggle to his feet forgetting his paing for the time and ready to start for a fire. His gtrength would gradusilly iail him and he would fall back exhausted. E. K. Fruenuff received detail' Friday of the death oí hia neice, Mrs. Ellen C. Officer, which occurred at Denver on Thursday, Dec. 19. Sbe was run over and tratnpled on by a runaway horse, and received injuries which caued her death in a few hours. The decea?ed graduated Irom the high school in this city in 1883, and while here made her home with Mr. FrueaufFs family. Pomological meeting next Saturday at 2 p. m., in court house. Topics : Paper by Mr. J. Ganzhorn on the apple. Paper by Mr. Wm. McCreery on the ways of the cominission men, the spraying of trees etc. Has the warm weather damaged the fiüit buds? Report of committees. Exhibit of driedand green fruit. Ie will pay fruit growers and farmers to attecd this meetiug. All are cordially' invited. The Street railwny in this city will undoubtedly bo built during the cr.ming spring. On Friday, City Treasurer Watts received a eertified check tor $200, drawn to bis order, from Jno. B. Corliss of Detroit. The check was deposited for security in the Savings Bank, in accordance with the provisions of the ordinance, and unless work is begun by May 1, and completed by July 1, the $200 is to be forfeited to the city.


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