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Real Estate Transfers

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Wilson 4 Warner to H. M. Burt, Mllan % 200 Sarah G. Jones to David Rinsey, Ann Arbor 1,100 Jacob Haller to Seybold & Allmendinger, Ann Arbor 25 Steln & Henrich to Seybold & Allmendinger, Aun Arbor 200 J. T. Jacobs to Philip Keara. Pittefield 8W Harrict C. Crawford to David Rinsey, At n Arbor 2.600 E. Whttherbee to A. F. Kempfort, Ann Arbor -... 15 H. J Miller to A, M. Clark. Pittsfield I A. M. Clark to E. M. Johnson, et al, Pittsfield _ - 3,875 W. P. Groves to O. C. Johnson, Ann Arbor 1 100 H. 0. Apfel to LewisKurtz, Ann Arbor. .._ 235 J. N. Wallace et al, to K. A. Whitcomb, Ypsilanti 100 James Huiith to Smith & Hughes. oio 800 W. 8 Davidson et al to F. L. and O. S. Davidaon, Sylvan 1 O. S. Davidson et al to W. S. Davidson, Sylvan „ 1 Betsey A. Dutton to Naney Rust, Sylvan... 1 Nancy Rust to John Knol), Sylvan 700 Betsey Dutlon to Nancy Rust. Sylvan lu Lodocia Bailey by heirs to Fred A. Kotts, Manchester 800 Gideon Bolit ger to Reuben Kempf, Sylvan 800 Eugenia Mogk et al, by guard., to M. Lellan H. Mogk, Ann Arbor 112 50 M. Lellan H. Mogk to Jno. Goetz. jr, Ann Arbor 1 Susan 0. Campbell to George Wahr, Ann Arbor 4,600 Geonse Mogk by heirs, to Jno. Goet, sr., Ann Arbor 1,000 John H. Hubner to C. H. Kline, Ann Arbor Town - - 1.800 C. H. Kline to Anna Hubuer, Ann Arbor l,i00 Thos. Seely to H. M Frost, Ann Arbor 600 L. Dresielhouse by adm.( to L. Dresselhouse, Freedom _ 7.200 E. A. Gott to G. and M. Johnson, Ann Arbor 200 L. Dresselhouse by adm., to F. C. and C. Dresselhouse, Freedom 5,400 L. Dresselhouse by adm., to A. and L. Dresselhouse, Freedom 13,680 A. Dtesselhoufeto J. Dresselhouse, Freedom 6,000 L. Dresselhouse to A. Dresselhouse, Freedom 6,000 Wm. Millen, by guard., to C. H. Millen, Manchester _ 26 P. Dougherty to G. B. Jackson, Ypsilanti . 125 Allee M. Rosier to Owen McLain, Scio 600 Mack & ScbmidtoN. J. Kline. Ann Arbor 112