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Appointment Of Teachers

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The School Board, at their meeting Tuesday eveniog, advanced the salaries of many of the teanhers from f 50 to $100. They appointed the following teachers for the next school jear, at the salaries named below : W. 8. Perry, Superintendent „ Ï2.200 HIGH SCHOOL. J. G. Pattengill, Principal, Latín and Greek 1,800 H. N. Chute, Phy's Science 1,700 Levi D. Wines, üeometry and Algebra 1,400 Allee Porter, Latin „ 700 J. C. McClennahan, Commercial Dep't 1.200 Mary E. Hunt, Nat. Science 700 Mary E. Dickey, Germán and Frenen 800 Fred C. Clark, History 900 Louis P. Jocelyu, Arithmetic and Algebra... 800 W. W. Egan, ürammar and Composition 600 Ella P. Ludwig 500 Nellie S. Loving, Librarían 400 J. Montgomery, chemistry and Astronomy.. 1,000 Alice Hunt, Drawing 400 Luey K. Cole, Music 400 GKAMMAR DKPARTMENT. Eliza Ladd, Principal eighth grade 450 Anna D. Kobiuson, Ass't 400 Allie A. Pond, part term at the rate of per year 400 FIRST WABD SCHOOL. Clara G. Plympton, Principal 500 Emille J. Eldridge 400 Mary Trueblood 375 W. S. Bender 825 Carrie Baxter 375 Maggie McIHvitt 400 SECOND WARD SCHOOL. Mary Mulholland, Principal 500 Minnie A. Drake 350 Jeunie L. Wines 3J0 Emily Gundert 400 Augusta W. Walter 350 Amelia F. Lutz 400 THIRD WARD SCHOOL. Belle K. Edson, Principal 475 Sarah G. Come 375 Elizabeth J. ('owan 825 Alice M. LoTejoy 400 FOURTH WARD SCHOOL. AnnettL. Alles, Principal 500 Eva Leonard „ 325 Julia A. Howard 400 Einily Lutz 325 Eugenia Mogk 325 FIFTH WARD SCHOOL. Mattie E. Goodale, Principal 450 Charlotte Millard 0 Alice L. Treadwell 325 Hattie V. Havüand 350 SIXTH WARD SCHOOL. Addie C. Jewell, Principal 450 Ella S. Wright 400 Mattie Cornwell 400


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