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Three Youthful Burglars

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Last Friday afternoon, one of the boldest attempts at wholesale robbery that has been tried in Ano Arbor for years, took place at the store of Bich, Abel & Co., and although the perpetrators were captured, the chances are tbat they will escape punisbment on account of their youth. The store-room oí the firm occupies the basement, the entrance being by an outside stairway on Washington et. As the clerks usually have occasion to visit this room a dozen times a day or oftener, it has been a custom to leave the key in the door during the day time. Friday was a wet, dull day and it ao happened that none of the clerks bad occasion to visit the store-room for a couple o! hours during tbe afternoon. About Gve o'clock one of them went below to close up the room for the night. Ue found the room in the greateat disorder, fine blar.kets, table linen, hosiery, underwear and the other goods being thrown in a masa and showing evidence of having been walked over with muddy boote. An inveatigation showetl that several hundred dollars worth of goods had been carried away, tiiese b -ing found stored under the eidewalk, so that they could be easily removed af ter dark. The officers were immediately notlfied and it was decided to leave the goodg where they were and set a watch over them, hoping to capture the thieves when they attempted to remuve them. Nelson Sutherland took a position near tbe goodi, while the other officers ar.d Z. Roath and J. R. Bach kept watch outside. They had hardly taken their positions about 7:30, when three small boys carne ftlong, two of them going down stairs, while the other stood at the top. Those on guard did not suspect these youngsters until the two that went down below, lighted a match and began taking the goods. Mr. Sulnerland immediately took charge of the two that went below, the one on watch making bis escape at that time, but being taken afterwards. Tbe boys were George and Frank Baer and James Blythman, and they were placed in jail. D. B. Greene, of Ypsilanti, the couoty agent of the Board of Corree tion and Charmes, was notified and upon investixation found that notbing could be done with the youngsters, as none of them are yet ten years of age, which they must be before they oan be reachad by the law. The boys were discharged and it is doubtful whether their experience will be a lesson to them or not, as young Blythman was detected in stealing a dollar within a short time after be was discharged. _______


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