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The Sopbhomore-freshman Abduction

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The sophomores atteropted by a bold stroke, to dim the pleasures of the freslman banquet which was held Friday evening. A banpuet without a toastmaster ia a dull affair, especially in college life, and go it was against Frank L. Evans, the freshman toaetmaeter, that their efforta were directed. Thursday afternoon, Evans was called from hi room on aome pretext and eurrounded by five sophomores, who hustled him into a cloeed carriage and drove away. They took him to Salino and thence to Mooreville, where they intended to keep him until Shturday morning so tbat he could not be present at the banquet. The freshmen discoyered Evans' absence early Thursday eveniug and at once surtnised the cause. They organized fearchiog parties and mmediately started in pursuit, one party going to Ypsilanti, another to Dexter and the third to Saline. The latter party, comprising ten treshmen, obtained a cine at Saline, and after enlisting the hal of that village and two other men started for Moortville. At the hotel in this burg, Evans was found, toge:her with the five sophomores, who seeing that they were outnumbered returned Evans to his classmatef, and tha entire party returned to this city, arriving here about 4:30 Friday morning. Bolh tieshmen and sophomores looked upon the affair as a huge joke, and could eee nothingserious in it. Pres. Angelí did not see it in that light, and the five abductors, who were known to him, were notiSed that such sctions were against the good order of the Umversity and that the matter would be brought before the faculty at the next meeting. The faculty met on Monday evening and decided that the five participan ts should be suspended for one year, giving them the privilege, however, of coming before the faculty next Monday evening and presenting their cbses, before the sentence was passtd. This makes the matter a serious one instead of a joke as it was intended, and may íesult in the suspensión of the entire party, all of whom are prominent fraternity membera, unless the faculty can be induced tochange the senteace.


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