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To Honor The Dead

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Weloh Post, Gr. A. R , ia making preparations forcbserving Decoration Day in a suitable maamr. On the Sunday morning, preceeding Decoration Day, the post will meet at the M. E. church, v.'here R.v. W. S. Studley will preaoh a memorial sermón. On Friday, May 30, the grave8 of the ded heros who he in the various cemeteries will be decorated by details from Welch Post. At three o'clock in the afternoon, services will be held at TJniversity Hall, at which the following program will be carried: Music. Reading Scripture, Rev. Henry Tatlcck. Muele. Prayer, Rev. A. 9. Crman. Mutic. Oration, Col. John Atklnson, of Detroit. Music. Beuedlction. Post Commander J. T. Jacobs bag appointed the following committees Lor the occasion. Exkcütivk :- R. Campbell, W. J. Clark, W. H. Jacksou, Job Marshall, A. D. Markham, Conrad NoU. Marshal :- Major Harrlson Soule. Kinance:- 11. S. Dean, Washington Paul, Aibert G&rdner. Invitations:- Prof. C. E. Greene, W. K. Chlld, Fred Pistorious. Flowem:- A. F. Martin, Dr. W. J. Herdman, Jacob Schantz, M. Donohue, H. Krapf, Charles Dunn, W. W. Bliss; Assisted by Ladfes' Decoration Society. Music, Vocal :- F. Plstorious, Major Soule, Robt. Campbell; Af artial- Chas. B. Davlson, Henry Marsh. Hall Decokation ;- Secretary J. H. Wade, Treasurer Harrison Soule. Reception :- Mayor U. H. Manly. W. C. Stevens. J. H Stark. Printino -James B. Saunders, O. B. Church. Cimetery :- E. a. Manly, Patrick Irwin, Wm. H. Fisher. i___


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