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Great Rock Island Route

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ÜWAOQTJAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAFHY OF THE COUNTRY, WILL OBTAIW MÜCH VALtTABLE INFORMATION FROM A STPDY OF THIS MAF OF mSmm ■ "ct,XjEpjtj-----CoprTitht.lwe. bjK.jl. Joh. AJ THE CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILWAY, mtin lines, branches and extensions East and West of the Missouri River. The Direct Boute to and from Chicago, Joliet, Ottawa, Peoria, La Salle, Moline, Bock Island, in IILINOIS- Davenport, Muacatine, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Des Moines, Winteraet, Audubon, Harían and Councif Bluffs, in IOWA- Minneapolis and St. Paul, Ín MINNESOTA- Watertown and Sioux Palla, in DAKOTA- Cameron, St. Joseph and Kansas City, Ín MISSOURI- Omaha, Fairbury and Nelson, in NEBEASKA- Horton, Tqpeka, Hutchinson, Wichita, Bellevillo, Abilene, Kansas- Pond Creek, Hennessey, Kingflsher, El Reno, in the INDIAN TERRITOEY- and Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, in COLORADO. FEEE Reclining Chair Cars to and from Chicago, Caldwell, Hutchinson and Dodgre City, and Palace SleepIngr Cara between Chicagro, Wichita and Hutchinson. Traversos new and vast áreas of rich farming and grazingr lands, affordingr the best facilities of intercommunication to all towns and. cities eaat and west, northweat and eouthwest of Chicago, and Paciflo and oceanic Seaports. MACNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, all competitors in splendor of equipment, wanned by ateam from the locomotive, well ventilated, and free from dust. Through Coaches, Pullman Sleepers, and Dinlnsr Cara daily between Chicago, Dea Momea, Council Bluffs and Omaha, with Free Eeclining Chair Cara between Chicagro and Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, via St. Joseph, or Kansaa City and Topeka. Splendid Dining Hotels (furnishing meala at seasonablo hours) west of Missouri River. California Excursions daily, with CHOICB OF EOUTES to and from Salt Lake, Osrden, Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The DIRECT LINE to and from Pike's Peak, Manitou, Garden of the Gode, the Mountain Cities, Mining Campa, Sanitariuma, and Scenio Grandeura of Colorado. VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, Solid Express Trains daily between Chicago and Minneapolia and St. Paul, with THROUGH Reclining Chair Cara (FEEE) to and from those points and Kanaas City. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoría, Spirit Lake and Sioux Falls, via Rock Island. The Favorito Line to Pipestone, Watertown, Sioux Falls, and the Summer Resorts and Huntingr and Fiahingr Grounds of the Northwest. THE SHORT LINE VIA SÉNECA AND KANKAKEE offers facilities to travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Council Bluffs, St. Joseph, Atchiaon, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Paul. For Tickets, Mapa, Folders, or desired Information, apply to any Coupon Ticket Office in the United States or Canada, or address E. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIAN, General Manager. CHICAGO, IL1 Oen'l Ticket & Pasi. Aguit


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