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Man-a-lin the Latest Discovery of Medical Science, Are you bilious, bad or bitter taste in your mouth mornings, furred tongue, pain in your right side? Man-a-lin is an invincible specific for you ; get it without delay. Do you feel a weight in your stomach after eating? You will certainly have dyspepsia f you do not use Man-a-lin at once. Do you have heartburn, waterbrash,eructatiöns of gas, sour stomach? Man-a-lin will not only relieve you, but will cure you permanently. Are you constipated? Are you obliged to take physic habitually or occasionally? Are you discouraged in trying to find a cure? All this is unnecessary and foolish, as you can demsnstrate to your own satisfaction by taking a course of treatment with Man-alin. It has no equal. Do you have piles? Have you been unable to find a laxative that would keep the bowels regular without irritating the piles? Man-a-lin will do it. Are you in the habit of taking pills? Stop it and use a few bottles of Man-a-lin and you will need no more pills. Dr. Hartman's lecture on sick headache will be sent free on application to The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio. Homeseekers' and Harvest Excursión Sonto., at One-Half Ratea, via Illinois Central It. It. On April a2nd, May 20th, September 9th and 23rd, and Ootober 14th, 1890, the [llinois Central Railroad will sell Excursión Tickets at one fare for the round trip to all stations on its line in Tennessee, Missis6ppi and Louisiana, ezcepting Memshis and New Orleans. Tickets are limited to return within thirty days, and are good for stop-over mvileges sonth of Cairo, both going and eturnimt. The following are the principal pointe, where northern people are settling: iackson, Tenn. Brookhaven, Miss. 3olly Springg, Miss. McComb City, Miss. Jurant, Miss. Kentwood, Ls. Aberdeen, Miss. Roseland, La. kanton, Miss. Amite, La. Tackson, Miss. Hammond, La. Ferry, Miss. Jeanerette, La. ystal Springs,M88 Jennings, La. .Veesori, Miss. Lake Charles, La. For through tickets, ratea, etc., apply to nearest Ticket Agent. For further inormation and copies of the "Southern ïomeseekers' Guide," and "Farmers' and Truit Growers' Guide to McComb City," apply to F. B. BOWES, Gen'l Northern Pass. Agent, 194 Clark-st, Chicago.


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