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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organized 1869, under the General Banking Law of this State. Capital, $50.000, Snqka, $1001007 Total Assets, $601,181 Business Men, Guardians, Trustees, Ladies and other persons will find this Bank a Safe and Convenient Plaoe at which to make Deposita and do Businss. INTEREST IS ALLO WED ON ALL SAVTNGS DEPOSITS of $1.00 and upwarda, to the rules of the bank, and interest oompounded seml-annually. Money to Loan n Sums of $25 to $5,000. 8ECURED BY UNINCUMBERED REAL ESTÁTE AND OTHER GOOD 8KCÜRITIB DIREOTORS : - Ohristian Mack, W. W. Wines, W. l. Harrimau, William Deuble, David Rinsey, Daniel Hiscook and W. B. Smith. OFFIOERS : - Christian Mack, President ; W. D. Harriman, VioePresidont ; O. E. Hiscook, C'ashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Arbor Savings Bank At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business, Dec. 11, 1889. RESOURCES. LIABILITIES. Loans and DJiCOunts ... 325,491 81 Capital Stock paid in f 60.000 0 Stock, bon ds and mortgages etc 251,716 87 8urplusFund _ 100,000 00 nrf!j. 4K17 8B ündivided Proflts :. 17,202 7 Overdrarus. 4,617 8t DlTl(jend8 UIlpal(j '110 M Due from banks in reserve cities 60,239 70 Commercial deposita 141,609 24 " " City of Ann Arbor 8,892 54 Savings deposita 869,080 8Í " School nist No 1 Ann Arlmr inXS4i Due to banks and bankera 1.498 62 bcneol Dist. mo. 1, Ann Aruor iu.91.3 41 certiflcates of deposit 12,37151 Fumiture and flxtures 1,930 85 _JL__ Bills in transit 2,661 00 681,7(18 SI Current expenses and taxes paid 2,739 36 Stta" op MichIGaN, Cocntt or Washtenaw, sa. riitw-t nrt .jh wna RX9 Kn HiscocK, Cashier of the aboye named Cnecka and cash Items 682 50 Banki d0 soiemnly swear that the above ütateNickels and pennles 88 62 ment iitrne, to the beat ofmy knowledgeand Sold _ 15,000 00 belief. CHAS. S, HISCOCK, Cashier. gilver 1 900 00 Corrkct- Attest Chrwtiah Mace, David RoíU. S. andNaüön'al ÜÏmÜZ.11 9#X 00 8KY' W" D' Har"n. Director.. Subscribed and sworn to Dtote me. Uu 16th 1681,768 51 day ol December, 1889. HENRY J. MANN, Notary Public.


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