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The Sapphos gave a fine concert at the M. E. church Monday evening. Mr. Charles V. Hemphill and Miss Mamie Curtiss have made the matrimonial venture and are now living on the "Hemphill farm" near this city. The Y. M. C. A. will hold their annual ïneetinjr.'.May J6th to 23d. Miss Silver, the state secretary, will have charge of the meetings each day and a very interesting time is anticipated. The robbing of cash tilla has become so frequent as to be monotonous of late. Young thieves seem to have learned the knack of avoiding the night watchmen and gathering in the small change without getting gathered in themselves. Benjamin Emerick, an old resident of this township, died Saturday, after a protracted illness. Mr. Emerick came tothis township from Ontario county, N. Y., in 1832, and has resided here ever since. A wife and two adult sons survive him. Married, at the M. E. church this morning at half past ten, by Eev. Mr. Venning, Miss Mattie Wartz, of this city, and Edgar Bogardus, of Chicago. The bridal attendants were the Misses Nan Sewell, Lou Amsden, Hattie McElcheran and Minnie Wartz, and Messrs. Henry Platt, jr., Ed Cornwell and Harry Gilmore, in this city, and Mr. Norval Hawkins, of East Saginaw. Between six and seven hundred people attended the oratorical contest at the Normal, last Friday evening. Miss Mary Latson, of Edwardsburg, and Mr. Fred White, of Centreville, were awarded the first medals, given by the Normal News. The Don M. Dickinson prizes were given to Miss Anna Lane, of Hudson, and Mr. Fred Jeffers, of Ypsilanti. It seemed a difficult matter for the judges to come to a satisfactory decisión among so many good things, but on the whole the decree met with general favor. Mrs. Mary S. Lathrop, of Jackson, oneof the judges, made a decidedly good impression upon the audience by her pleasing manner and address in delivering the prizes to the gentlemen. She evidently did not think it so solemn an occasion as did Geo. L. Yaple, of Mendon, who had the pleasure of decorating the fortúnate lady competitors. Hilan. Mrs. Geo. Whaley has just recovered from the mumps. Mr. J. Kearney and family moved out of town, Monday. Wm. Ayres, of Ypsilanti, gave Milan a business cali, Wednesday. Rev. Chas. Case, of Lambertsville, visited Milan the first of the week. Mrs. F. A. Blinn entertained guests from Deerfield, the first part of the week. Chas. Wilson has just returned from a northern trip and reports enow near Cadillac. Mr. Hayden, of Tecumseh, was the guest of his son, Albert Eayden, the last of the week. The Baptist Missionary Society met at the re8idence of Miss Alcott, on st, Tuesday. Mrs. F. A. Blinn and Mrs. H. Vincent were the guests of Mrs. Jerome Allen, at Ypsilanti, Thursday. Attorney J. C. Knowlton, of Ann Arbor, was in town on important business, the flrst of the week. Mrs. Grundey, and daughter, of Jackson, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. DeGabrielle, for a few days. Miss Lillie Burt died of diphtheria, Sunday, at the residente, of her aunt, Mrs. S. Lockwood, on First-st. Mr. Fred Guy and family will soon move into the bouse on First-st just vacated by J. Lockwood and family. People are moving to Milan from Whittaker, Oakville and Ypsilanti, and the vacant houses are fast filling up. The Patrons of Industry are talkingup a big mass meeting to beheld in Milan, May 24th. Gov. Luce is expected to deliver the address.


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