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Real Estate Transfers

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Henry Flatt,by adm., to W. F. Hall. Sharon l w Mary F. Vandêigritt to Horace Wimer, Manchester 10" F. C. Irish to E.T. Lewis et al., Ann Arbor 200 00 D Downer, by heire, to Caroline Crowley, Lima - - l.000 D Downer, by helra, to E. P. Downer et al., Lima li D. Downer, by heire, to C. J. Downer, klma. ii000 "" D. Downer, by heire, to Cordelia J. Leach, Lima i.000 A. & N. J. Jarvis to A. & R. B. Edson, Ypsilanti - -- 25" C L. Yost to Ashley Minor, Ypsilanti 5,000 0i iMPv Minor to tí. P. Glover. Ypsilanti... 5,000 00 Jane Crippen to W. H. Crippen, Superior, 1 00 Alma M. Alchen, by ex., to Daniel Rankin York 175 B. C. Boyce to A. J. Boyce, Lyndon ... 360 00 Mary Fuchs to J. C. Allmendinger, Ann Arbor 100 00 Magdalena Frey to J. C. Allmendinger, Ann Arbor 10 ro M. W. Geer to KitUe A. Geer, Superior... 1 00 Wm. Jacobus to F. A. Howlett, Ann Arbor 600 0 peWitt C. Sterry, by heire, to Philip Keuseh, Sylvan 40 00 L. & M. A. Johnson, by sheriff, to R. J. Zebba. Ann Arbor . 207 9! J M. Nlebling et al. to John Mayer, Lima i.loO 00 Ú & T. Hutzel to Wilhelmina Miller, Anu Arbor „ „ 300 0( M. Stlerlë'tö Regina Finker, Lodi............. 1.000 00 Horace Phillips to Helen M. Bolt, Ypsilanti '" P. Gallagher to W. F. & A. M. Kern, Aun jrbor 1,500 00 Jacob Chatham to J. C. Allmendinger, Ann Arbor ' F. C. A M. M'.'Loomis to M. R. WiUianu, Ann Arbor - 2,375 00 Mary Ann Smith to Ellzabeth Keynolds. YpslUnU O O