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There will be no more abductions if the authorities can prevent it. Prof. John Dewey and family were visitors at Fenton last week. The Bicycle Club will make a run to fpsilanti, Saturday afternoon. The senior pharmics have seleoted the lesign íor their commencement invitations. The annual spring banquet of the Kenucky Club will be given Friday evening. Prof. Hinsdale now rides in a handome new phseton, whieh he purchased his week. The senior laws defeated their junior trethren at base bal], last Thursday, by a core of 4 to 3. The Palladium board promise that their iterary efiFort will be given to the public arly next week. The Bicycle Club will hold a business meeting in the law Iecture room, Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. The junior law class has adopted suitble resolutions in memory oí H. H. Owen, who died recently. The Glee Club gave a concert at Detroit, 'ue9day evening, for the benefit of the 'heatrical Mechanics' Association. R. AI. Ling ha9 resigned as prophet of ,he senior law elass and a meeting will be leid this week to choose his successor. They have the mumps at Ypsilanti. As he disease is contagious we may expect lie epidemie to rage among the studente hortly. Argonaut: W. H. Code, C. E. '92, eft a week 8go to accept a fine position with the Union Pacific R. R. Company at üheyenne, Wyoming. The University is to have another weekly paper, the independents having ïeld a meeting and decided to put an organ in the field, last Saturday. The meeting which was to have been ïeld last Saturday morning, for the purpose of organizing a general athletic assoiation, was postponed until next Saturday morning. Prof. Stanley gave a very interegting and instructiva Iecture on the Boston Symphony Orohestra, with illustrations on the piano, Monday afternoon, room 24 eing crowded with an attentive audience. The class of '65 will hold a reunión on Tune 25 to celébrate the 25th annivergary of their graduation. The class ties must ïave been loosely woven, as no reunión ias been held since the members Ieft the Jnivergity. Prof. B. L. D'Ooge, of the Normal, read a paper on "The Relation of Philology to 5thnology"before the Philological Society, ast Thursday evening. H. F. DeCou discussed soine of the Roman and Btruscan coins and bronzes. The youni? ladies of '93 who were unbrtunate enough not to receive an invitation to the class banquet, held a pleasant spread of their own at the residence of Prot Hinsdale, Friday evening. They tad a fine supper, toasts, responsos, literary ezercises and dancing, and not a sin;le male was present to spoil the festivtiea. Next Saturday evening the membcrs o the Adtlphi S iciety will elect offices The literary program for the evening wil ba as Í0II0W8 : Muic, Miss Latham ; "Talk oa Germán Universities," Prof. Tnoma ; essay, Miss W r ; music, Miss L itham. Dr. C. B. Nancrede is at Washington, thi week, auending the Am -rican Mfiiical Assooiation. Úa Tuesday he red a learued pap.T on " A Rire Form of Epthelioms of the Upper Ex'remity," wkioh Wis highly fpoken of by the public pres. Tae sophoroore held a meetinp, Tuesday evening, for the pu-pose of devisia,' a plan to iufluerce the la:u ty frorn carryiog out the gentence of suspension which has been imposed upon their classm&tes, who aa-isted in abduoting the freahman toastmaster. Last Thursdny evening two interesiing papers were read at the mee'iig of the Politie! S ie ïca Association, ' The Mili tary Conduion of Eur.ipe," by H. M. Wakelee, and ' C mparauve Colonizition of the Greeks and Rornais, ' by B. P. Bourlaod. The banquet of the South western Alumni Association takes place at Kansas City, May 23 President Angelí, Jurige Cooley, D-. Ford, Proís. Wells, DO ge, Adams, Thomas and Scott have beeu invited and will probaoly atteud, leaving here next Wed íesday. Dr. Nancrede has removed five ovarían tumors at his c'iuics, during the present year, and all of thsm havo not only proven íuccesslul operations, but the' patients have lived. '.' S ícceful operations " ued to be sometim.-s perlormed, but the patieut9 would ultimes die. Here's another promotion for a U. of M. boy : Dr. AVill C. Spencer, of Howell and a gradúate of Ann Arbor medical school 01 1887, has been appointed physician in S:. Mary's hospital at Djtroit. The peiple of Howell regret his departure 5 Jt rej )ice at his p'ospective good lortune.- South Lyon Picket. The president of the senior law clasa ïas appointed the following committees: nvitation, Nestor Rammor.s, Hupo Geiser, J. J. Tillett, E. E. Ellinwood, C. A. Palmer; program, J. R. Sutton, J. V. Morgan, J. F. Cooke, T. E. McClelland, E. F. fortman; arrangemetitp, J. W. Goidwin, T. W. Suackelford, E. F. Johnson, B. E. fohnston. The Webster S ciety gave an intereung public protiram in the law lecture oom, Friday evening, consisting of the nllowing: Oration, "Eugland's Crime," y John Diiley; oration, " We, the Peopie," by W. B. Oneill ; debate, "Resolved hat congress should exercise control over ,he election of members of the House ol lepresentatives." The participant in the debite, which was deoided in the regative, were B. H. Hurd and W. H. Waiey lor the resolution, and R. D. Macleod and H E. S arkey against it The music urnished was e.pecilly fine. THE FRESHMAN BANQCET. The frefhmin banqiet last Friday eve t-ing, was a decided success uotwith tanding the soDhjmore attempt to kep he toastmaster f om b üng present. The number prese-t was in excess of previous yeara and noihing mirred the lleasures of the evening. NxKels' hall was tastily decorated with the class olor?, pink and slate, and the well-laden .ables were marvels of the caterer's art. ?he literary exercises oonsisted of an adIress by the chss president, P. M. Day, oration by H. Pam, prophecy by Miss ennie E'My, hitory by H. D. Curtis, and a poem b M s Grce Ford. After the anquet, the be o of ihe sophomore esca)de, Frat.k L. Evanc, proposed the folowiDg toasts, to which neat responses were made: " Ninety-Three," by H. A. "reedman ; " The Faculty," by F. W. McKee; "The Boys of '93," by Miss Maud Merritt; "The GirU of '93," by S. S. Harr8. Dancing followed and coninued until the dawn was breaking. The haperones of the evening were Mrs. J. B. Angelí, Mrs. P. R. de Pont, Mrs. A. A. 5tanley, Mrs. M. E. Cooley and Mrs. M. W. Harrington.


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