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Attorney-General Huston submits to the State Board of Auditors his opinión that under the recent ruling of the Supreme Court all persons who wcre not residents of the State and enlisted after February 5, 1864, and are on the 200,000 roll are entitled to $100 bounty, and all persons residents of the State enlisting after this date not accredited to any township or county may reoeive $100. Under this ruling about 1,500 veterans are entitled to bounties. Health in Michigan. Reports to the State Board of Health by fifty-one observers in different parts of the State for the week ended on the 3d indicated that typhc-malarial fever, puerperal fever, intermittent fever, inflammation of the kidneys, whooping cough and remittent fever increased, and cholera raorbus, inflammation of the brain, typhoid iever, scarlet fever, dysentery and pleuritis decreased in area of prevalence. Diphtheria was reported at twenty-two places, scarlet fever at seventeen. typhoid fever at nine and meisles at thirty-three places. genteneed lor Life. "Buck" Murray was recently convicted of the murder of Patrolman Schumaker in Detroit on the night of Maren 4 last and sentenced to solitary confinement for life in the State prison at Jackson. Murray, to gether with an alleged pal named McCormick. was cracking a safe when discovered by the patrolman. In the chase Murray turned and fatally shot the offlcer. Shot His Face O(t At Ironwood the other evening burglars attempted to enter l'atter & Co. 's store when a clork flred a shotgun in the face of the foremost man and the burglars fted. A few nlghts afterwards a man turned up at the hospital with his face shot off giving his name as John Eichards and adraitted he was the burglar shot. He died refusing to name his accomplices. Two Years In a Tranrc. Two years ugo Margare t Kinney, of Alpena, waa taken suddenly illandsince that time she has remained in a tranca For weeks she will remain motionless, and sometimes she goes ten days without iood. I'hysicians say the girl's general health is good and can not account for ■the remarkablo sleep. The girl bas inot spoken a word since stio was first 6tricken. _ Proven lunocent Kdward Murphy, who was sentenced to prison for lite for murdcr and placed in solitary confinement for ten years, was recently proven innocent. The solitary confinement convorted Murphy into a harraless lunatic, and steps were being taken to have him sent to the asylum. His friends oppose this, as they think he has suffered enough. Tli ree Fatal Accidenta. Edward English. a Duluth, Soth Shore & Atlantic brakeman, feil from the cars at Negaunee the other afternoon and was killed. Charles Jacobsen and another Finn, who were handling timber at the Queen mine, feil down the shaft the same afternoon, a distance of 100 feet. They died a. few hours after the accident Appearances Are DeceltfuL Don't iudge a man by hisclothes. A wealthy drover of Davison went to Flint a few days ago to purchase a quantity of furniture. As he looked somewhat Bhabby he was given a cold shoulder by a dealer. The drover left the store, boarded a train and went to Detroit and purchased a bilí of goods to the amount of $700. _ Raised Their Pay Voluntarily. General Manager Beckley, of the Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan railroad, recently issued a circular telling his men their pay would be raised from $5 to $10 each per month, advising them to do steady work, adopt economical methods to secure a competency, build themselves homes and save money. Short but Nwk Item. The G. R. fe I. railroad has comploted its line to Lake City. About a dozen tons of sawdust feil on Gustave Rhode at Melbourne recently, covering him several feet. and he suffocated before he could be dug out. The jury in the Wright murder case at Frankfort recently brought in a verdict of murder in the firstdegree forthe killing of Frank Thurber last August. Miss Addie Archer, a former university student at Lansing, died there the otber day of spinal meningitis. The Lake View Houso, a road-house batweon Muskegon and Lake Side, was destroyod by fire recently. Loss, $7,000. Bay City doctors are going to push a scheme for a new city hospital. The Nation;il Dantal Association will hold their annual convention at Jackeon in ,Iunc. After many years of wanting and waiting, Charlotte is to have a frae public library The W.C. T. ü. havo taken the initiation step. The Hrush Electric Light Company of Detroit havo decided to put all their wires undcr grouud and furnish electricity as cheap as gas. The Muskefton Kooming Company recently added 300 men to their working force. All the milis had plenty of logs and were working full time. William Lambert, aged 72 years, a wealthy colored citizen of Detroit, was iound hanging to a rafter in a shed back of hls house recently. He had been failing mentally for some time. A tabulated statement was recently tssued showing the number of prisoners that escaped from the Jacksonvilla trison from 1876 to 1890. There were lghty-one escapes and fifty-one recapt■ma


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