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With His Thumb, A boy is said to have saved the Netherlands froir. iiiuiidatioii. Mulfltudei have been saved from the invasión of by a bottleof Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Tliis medicine imparts tone to tbe system and strengtüeua ever) organ and libra of the body. " I have taken a greal deal ol medicine, but nothlng has done me so mucli good as Ayer's SanapaflHa, i experlenced its beneficial effects before I liad quite flnished ove bottle. and I can freely testlíy that it is tile best blood medicine I know of." - L. W. Ward, sr., Woodland, Texas. "(onflned to an ornee, as I am. from one year's end to another. with llttle or no ontdoor exeroise, I find great help in Ayefl Sarsaparilla, wliieb I have wed for several years. and am at present nsinii. with excellent resulta. It enables me to keep alw.iys at my post, enjoyins the beat of healtli." - H. C. Barnes, Malden. Mass. Ayer's Sarsaparilla TREPA HED BY DR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Bold by DruggietB. fl.sixêS. Worth $5abottle. DUSTERS ARE THE BEST. 100 styles, prices to suit all. Wíl. AYBE8 4 Sons, Piuladelfhia. Sold by all dealers. EMORY Mind wndering cnred. Books leamed in one reartinft. Testimoniáis rrom all parts of the globe. Prospecta" POST FBEE, Bent on opliction to Prof. A. LoiBette. 237 Fifth Ave. New York. itcMl's Ehenmatic Piasters. rsSTANT BELTEProB AI.L EHÜTJltATIO PAINS, k Sctkk crRE forKhenmatism, NenralgiairaciSciatica. Coii by drneif ta evcryw!cre, or by mail, 25 cents. ovclly l'laator -VVorks, IoweU, Mass. -TMOTHERS filio WpfltöH LESSENSWNTOUFEOf BRADFiaD REGÜIATOR Cl ATLWIT8A BdLD Br ALL DRUGJISTS. SOLD BY C. E. I 1SI Kli V II. (I ■ TTITITntT Take no hoe nnleif I A I I I 1 1 1 IM W. I.. BonglaB' name and UuU 1 1U1I price are atamped on the bottom. If the dealer cannot upply you. end direct to factor;, encloelng advertue' price. íSe"'S W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE CENTLEMEN. Fine Calf, Heavy L,aced Orain and Creedmoor Waterproof. . . Best in the world. F.xamlne hll 8S.00 GENUINE HAND-SEWBD SHOB. 84.00 HAND-8EWED WELT SHOE. 3.50 PÓLICE AM) FABMEB81 SHOE. 83.50 EXTRA VA1.1K CALF SHOE. 82.25 3 82 WORKINMMKVS SIIOES. 83.00 and 81.75 BOTS' SCHOOI, KIIOE8. AU iiutiif In Congress, BultoD and Lace. S3 & $2 SHOES LAFDIE8 81. 78 SHOE FOK MISSKS. Hent Material. Best Style. Belt Fitting. W. L. DouKlas. Brockton, Ma. Sold by Examine W. I-. Honiflas 93.00 Slioe lor Gentlpinen and Ladiea. WM. REINHARDT & CO., 42 8. 51 IIX STREET, Ann Arlior. FOR MEN jONLY! HllJil-fW!lrf I-OST "■ ÏAttlHO MANHOOD; Vi IH' tillWIOeneral nd NERV0U8 DEBILITY; PATTTTMlMWeaknguof Body and Kind, Effect! flliHHIMBInf Errortor Exoeiae in Old or Younf . Hobml, PioMc IIAHOOU fnlly Restord. How to fnlarf aad BlrrattbuWKAK, I NDEVELOP8DORAS8PÍBT8OF 8DT. ibiolaUlT nnrsllloi HOK TKKÍTBKM- Bintlt In da;. M Wtllly IMb 60 St.ut nd F.rrlio Conntrln. WriU (hrm. DeierlptlT Book. Mplufttton Bd proofa malird (Hkltd) frM AMiM ERIE MEDICAL CO.. BUFFALO. N. V. Well Drilling Machinery SOLD ON TRIAL, n Ko Cash or settlement of any 71; kind- untll after a ƒ y SATISFACTORY TEST. f Machinery and Toola Êr I l Guaranteed to inake Wells ƒ I anywhere, J1 j and at the rate of 3 ft. toevery2ft. W' byanyother machine, orno Bale, i i! I THE B EST " lwaye ffí THE CHEAPEST. I I I yTvjySend for Catalogue, fcO!"31 Empire Well Auger Co., ithaca, n. y..


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