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Hamilton, Rose & Sheehan

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REALJSTATE. "o Investors and Home Seekers! HIILÏi,1fflïSBiHtfS ADDITION to the City of ANN ARBOR We believe Ann Arbor is the Best City in Michigan lüT W IOH TO LZTSTIE!. , The Educational Advantages here are unsurpassed ! The Streets are broad and well kept ! Ann Arbor has a low rate of taxation ! It has the best system of Water Works in the West. Our Addition is just five Blocks from the University of Michigan ; it has a front of One Hundred Rods on State Street, the best residence street in the city. lts location is unsurpassed for health and convenience. The levéis taken by our Engineer, Geo. W. Sanborn, show the lowest point to be higher than Main Street in front of the Savmgs Bank. The slope of the ground is such that the drainage is perfect, having a fall of from six to ten feet. We have filed our Plat and have given 8 1-2 Acres for a Park. We have paid Fifty Dollars for a handsome and attractive plan for a Park. Work will commence on the streets and Park early in April. Four new houses are already contracted for to be built upon our addition this year. New sidewalks will be laid, shade trees will be planted upon the streets and Park. Two professors in the University have already purchased Lots in this addition, and will soon build good houses on their lots. All the Lots have an Alley 16 feet Wide, in the rear. We have made the price of the lots very low. If you buy a Lot we believe you will doublé your money in three years time. The Investment is Safe as a Savings Bank, and the gain much more rapid. We will sell Lots for Cash. We will sell lots on time Payments. We will sell Lots to parties who wish to build houses at once, and will help them to furnish money to buüd. Buy a LotMoney Made! Payments may be made by the week, by the month, or by the year as suits purchaser. Cali at Sheehan's Store, or at Hamilton Block to see the Plat. We have the Park Plans. We desire those intending to purchase lots to examine them. Cali and see them. The new buildings on State Street this year will amount to Fifty Thousand Dollars. Investígate what we have, then judge for yourselves. This is better than a Loan and Investment Association. Your money is kept at home.


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